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‘Scarlett: The Scarlet Fox, Book 1’ by Christopher C Tubbs

‘Scarlett: The Scarlet Fox’ is the first book in the Scarlet Fox Series by Author Christopher C Tubbs.  It is a swashbuckling, pirate romp in the golden age of piracy.  It has a female lead character who is young, beautiful and deadly. It is gritty, people in the piracy and privateering business were not nice and Scarlett does things that would be totally unacceptable now. In this book’s plot, there is also love, loss, betrayal and revenge.

It consists also in a historic, action adventure story based around real events.  The heroine is Scarlett Browning the daughter of Smoker Browning.  He really existed and was one of the God Fathers of the brotherhood of smugglers in the 1600’s operating out of, what is now known as, Robin Hood Bay in Yorkshire. She ends up in the Caribbean in a stolen French ship and meets up with Henry Morgan who she teams up with for an adventure or two.  There is a spiritual aspect as she also meets and is adopted by Carib Indians and is affected by their beliefs, it is often forgotten that in the mid 17th century the Caribs inhabited most of the islands and the Europeans were in the minority.

Even though this book is a work of fiction, for Author Christopher C Tubbs, the most challenging aspect in writing this book was getting all the research done.

The plot story is set in 1660 and the Golden Age of Piracy. Scarlett Browning, daughter of Smoker, a smuggling godfather, takes on the Caribbean in the stolen French Country ship she has renamed The Fox. Loyal to her men, an implacable enemy to the Spanish she is a ruthless, merciless Pirate Queen in the image of Anne Bonny, Ching Shih, Mary Read and Anne Dieu-le-Veut. Friends with Henry Morgan and Sir Christopher Mings, she sets out to gain a reputation as fierce as Morgan. A swashbuckling adventure of the high seas; betrayal, revenge, Mayan gold and Spanish treasure. As honest an account of piracy in the 17th century as I could make it so the violence is sometimes extreme and cruel.

With a total of 227 pages and 22 chapters, ‘Scarlett: The Scarlet Fox’ is a very well written book.  But, I noticed that if for a reason or another, you get distracted while reading, you will miss some of the subtleties.  So just sit back and read well all the book’s plot story.

I really enjoyed this book’s characters as I could easily feel alive the connection between the characters and myself as the reader as real and familiar.  A 5-star goes absolutely to the author Christopher C Tubbs as he seemed to manage well this connection between his readers and characters.

I surely recommend this book.  Be sure to grab your copy of ‘Scarlett: The Scarlet Fox, Book 1’ by Christopher C Tubbs today. Buy your copy today https://www.amazon.com/Scarlett-Scarlet-Fox-Book-1-ebook/dp/B085W543VW/ref=sr_1_5?crid=Z30OWYOADCIE&dchild=1&keywords=christopher%20c%20tubbs&qid=1591687067&sprefix=Christopher%20c%20%2Caps%2C229&sr=8-5&fbclid=IwAR3g3dEAHvNe6TtOsiZF3dN-28PdLy-05NRArOqr3Ahe9yo96wDk_e8CnT8

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