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‘Return to Malta’ by Malcolm Lloyd Dubber

‘Return to Malta’ is a book by Author Malcolm Lloyd Dubber.  Although experienced in writing reports and plans, Malcolm has ventured into the world of writing fiction, mainly based on life-time experiences, characters and places visited, set against real scenarios, which were suitably fictionalised.

His first published book, “Return to Malta”, is set in World War II Malta and the North African desert in 1942.   Nurse Hazel Almonde is caring for an injured servicemen during the dark days of the siege of Malta during World War II, when she meets injured Naval Chief Petty Officer Ewan Jones, who has survived an attack on an Italian destroyer.

This book is a romance between a nurse (Hazel) and sailor (Ewan), who survives the sinking of his motor torpedo boat. The plot story liaison leads to a British intelligence operation to uncover axis plans to invade Malta. He poses as an Italian naval officer prisoner of war, and she a nurse who is passing his intelligence to the Malta military command. Both end up in North Africa, Ewan with the Long-Range Desert Group and Hazel captured by the Gestapo. After a harrowing ordeal they eventually return to Malta and are married, but the war continues.

With a total of 293 pages, ‘Return to Malta’ required an in depth research by Malcolm into events in Malta during 1942. This was challenging, where he needed to separate facts from misconceptions. Applying some possible and plausible scenarios to capture the reader’s attention, such as the escapades in the North African desert prior to and during the El Alamein operation. Producing an anti-climax ending involving Hazel’s apparent demise when returning to Great Britain.

Published in English language by Austin Macauley Publishing, ‘Return to Malta’ is a romance and historical book.

The book cover is attractive, and the title catches the readers eyes easily.  Considering I am from Malta myself, I was so curious to start reading this book.  Infact I enjoyed all this book’s plot story set by Author Malcolm Lloyd Dubber.

Be sure to grab your copy of ‘Return to Malta’ by Malcolm Lloyd Dubber today.

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