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The Other Side by Dan Pagano

‘The Other Side’ is a book by Author Dan Pagano.  It isthe first in a connected series of books which will tie together multiple characters and weave a complex web of interwoven plots.

With this book, Author Dan Pagano is eager to introduce his readers to a magnificent and sometimes dark world of boundless imagination and limitless hope.

With a total of 354 pages and 17 chapters, ‘The Other Side’ represents a universe of tales of myths, angels, devils and heroes.  

On a personal note, I don’t usually believe in ghosts, or that people’s spirits can return in certain places and situations, but for a reason or another, reading this book kept me hooked on, wanting to know what’s next.

This book narrates a tale of Jude St. Simon, a sixteen-year-old private school boy who discovers he can see and communicate with ghosts. He becomes drawn into people’s lives as he tries to help not only the dead to pass on, but also their families to cope with their intense grief.

Jude quickly learns that there is a spiritual war raging behind the scenes of the world, and he must choose his side in it. His journey becomes a fight for survival as he tries to protect his friends and save Paris from an imminent threat.

I recommend ‘The Other Side’ as it is a book about redemption, love and the enduring strength of family.

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