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The Little Green Dress by Queen K

The Little Green Dress is a children’s book series from a total of 5 books by Author Queen K.  This book offers a great flowing English language read, character development, full of color and cultural diversity, with a wonderful introduction to tradition and legacy in one’s family.  Infact this book series is a tribute to the author’s family’s tradition of having every six-month-old baby girl take a photo wearing this very special little green dress. 

Besides a good read, The Little Green Dress is a great learning tool for all kids.

With only 14 pages per book, each installment has a significant lesson. Lessons that inspire, and ignite curiosity for both parent and child. 

So far, The Little Green Dress is Author Queen K best work – simply because it’s a true story!

The Little Green Dress tells the story of how The Duchess of Hulman, the matriarch of the family is searching for a special dress. A dress for her only baby, a girl deemed Queen K. This dress would be worn for a photoshoot the Duchess is planning for her bubbly baby.  After searching many boutiques with no luck, the Duchess returns to the Kingdom of Davis.  Upon her return, she is met by a young lady, the neighbor of Rike. She hears of the search for a special dress and eagerly tells the Duchess she has just such a garment.

I recommend ‘The Little Green Dress’ for all those interested in flowing reading with their kids, as they surely will find this book a truly fun read to enjoy.

All in all, I found this book enjoyable.  The author Queen K offers every ready a full color book with an intriguing story, that you won’t be able to stop turning pages with your kids.

Be sure to grab your copy of ‘The Little Green Dress’ by Queen K today.

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  1. Shirelle Stroud says:

    I agree thanks a fun read with bright and vibrant illustrations. Great way to introduce traditions to your children!

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