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The Fate of the Wolves by Tarrant Smith

“The Fate of Wolves’ is a book written by Author Tarrant Smith, and is the second in The Legends of the Pale series.

Itis a stand-alone paranormal romance that can be read on several levels. On the surface, it is a romance between Deegan, a world-weary werewolf alpha who has lost everything he’s ever loved to the curse, and Eva who is the very last of her bloodline and the culmination of a prophecy written by a god hundreds of years before her birth. The book is steamy in parts and delivers an unexpected twist for the reader near the end.

The book’s story is about Deegan Volkov, a werewolf descended from a cursed pack. He hates the wolf inside him and what it does to him but has no choice. He has lost a lot over the years. When he meets Eva Azoulf, another cursed wolf, he falls for her. There are no other cursed females and she might be the one who can save him. The story moves between the two of them, both trying to co-exist as animals and people. They both seem lost and this draws them together.

With a total of 254 pages, ‘The Fate of Wolves’ is a work of fiction.  All in all, it is a book with depth and insights into the nature of love and the various forms that love takes within its pages.

From cover to cover, Author Tarrant Smith delivers well-drawn characters and enough moments of levity to keep this paranormal romance moving along at a great pace.

This book kept me hooked on and deeply involved with each of the main characters and their tragic lives.  Anyone who enjoys down-to-earth main characters in their fantasy series will be taken with Deegan and Eva. The entire cast of characters created by Author Tarrant Smith is deserving of readers’ adoration for that matter.

I would recommend “The Fate of Wolves’ book to whoever likes mythology and the history of the wolves, and also to those fans of paranormal and supernatural stories in general.

Be sure to grab your copy of ‘The Fate of Wolves’ by Tarrant Smith today.

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