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Talking With God for No Reason

‘Talking With God for No Reason’ is a book of poetry by Author Michael Joshua.  He is a dedicated author, always working harder every day to reach his dreams.

Published by Litfire Publishing in the English language, this is a book full of inspirational poems, all with a unique message.  Through his poems created and published in this book, Author Michael Joshua focuses on being open with everything with God and his power.

With a total of 104 pages, ‘Talking With God for No Reason’ is dedicated to peace all over the world.

One day or another, we all experienced isolation to wanting to spend time by ourselves.  Feeling lost is another common thing that human beings from all walks of life, experience along the run, but we all need that little boost in life.  Thus eventually we need to focus on motivation, so that finally we reach an aspect of success and freedom at the same time.

To top it all, and to our disappointment in general life, we all experienced daily struggles in life, but on the other hand we also experience daily joys.  All in all, we need to discover and improve ourselves more in order to discover God within our beings.  By means of each poem found in this interesting book, we can get there at one point in life.

Reading this book, it made me realize that we need to follow our heart’s emotions, and reflect on our future and God’s messages.  After all, that was the ultimate author’s message in each poem in this book.

Be sure to grab your copy of ‘Talking With God for No Reason’ by Michael Joshua today.

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