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Interview with Author Delizhia Jenkins

Delizhia Jenkins is an Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance author who currently resides in Inglewood, CA. The love for writing began in elementary school when the passion for storytelling developed into a journey of writing. Over the years, she honed her craft for storytelling and the written word by excelling in subjects such English and English Literature; and by indulging in her favourite past time which involved reading the works of Anne Rice, K’Wan, Christopher Pike, Carl Weber, Omar Tyree and finally the late L.A. Banks. J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood also claimed her heart and author Karen Marie Moning joined the ranks of Miss Jenkins’ all-time favourite authors.

Miss Jenkins began publishing in 2013 with her first African American romance novel, Love at Last. After that, it was realized that her true magic rested in her writing about the ancient, the esoteric, and the supernatural. Moreover, since 2014, after her release of Nubia Rising: The Awakening, Miss Jenkins remained true to herself and her calling. And of course, being a true romantic at heart, it was important for her to fuse romance with the paranormal with a dash of “color.”  Miss Jenkins prides herself on writing for “the woman without the fairytale” and of course bringing magic and melanin to each book she writes.

Ramona: Tell me more about your latest book  

Delizhia Jenkins:  The Lost Queen is about a single mother who discovers that she is the daughter of the god Mercury and heir to his dying world. It was Mercury’s magic alone that sustained his kingdom and now the torch has been passed to his daughter to save it.

Ramona: What was the most challenging aspect of writing this book?

Delizhia Jenkins: World building and writing from a multiple character perspective.

Ramona: Did you intend to become an author, or do you have a specific reason/s for writing a book?

Delizhia Jenkins: I would say this: you cannot “intend” to be something that you’ve always been. Writing is my soul’s calling. It’s my peace, my light, my pleasure and my pain and everything that I am. Becoming an author was simply a part of my life’s path.

Ramona: What is your normal procedure to get your books published?

Delizhia Jenkins: I write the story, send it to the editor, review it and publish it myself on Kindle.

Ramona: When writing a book, how do you keep things fresh, for both your readers and also yourself?

Delizhia Jenkins: I think the important thing for authors to do is take a break. Whether it is a few days or a couple of weeks, give yourself the necessary time and space away from writing to just breath. If not, the burn out is real; and readers can feel when an author is just writing for the sake of writing and not because of creative inspiration.

Ramona: How many books have you written so far? List and name them all here

Let’s see…

Love at Last, Nubia Rising, Viper, Blind Salvation, Sin, The Vampire Hunters Academy series (The Darkness; The Shadows; The Reckoning; The Cursed; The Forsaken); Cain, The Shadows series (Into the Shadows and Out of the Shadows); Raphael, and the Lost Queen. I have also written for two anthologies so far, Black Woman Magic (my title is Dark Moon’s Curse) and Claimed by Temptation (A Date With the Devil). So 15 titles and two short stories which is 17 in total.

Ramona: Is there lots to do before you drive in and start writing the story?

Delizhia Jenkins: Not really. I just open my laptop, pull out my notepad and just let it flow.

Ramona: How hard or easy is it to establish and maintain a career in writing?

Delizhia Jenkins: It depends. Everyone’s journey is different. Some roads are paved with obstacles and personal battles while others are free and clear to pass through.

Ramona: What is your advice for aspiring writers?

Delizhia Jenkins:  Write. That’s pretty much it. Don’t wait for the stars to align as confirmation for you to work on your story. Don’t wait for the approval from others to validate your dream of becoming an author. Write because your very existence depends on it. Write because you are a creator: you create therefore you write. That’s it.

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