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I was screaming inside but nobody could hear me by Julian Black

‘I was screaming inside but nobody could hear me’ is a book memoir written by Julian Black.

With a total of 206 pages, this book is about struggling with life and the world itself and finding life an uphill battle every day.  We all struggle with life in our every day situations, especially at the moment all world is struggling with Covid-19.

It’s a story about being driven by fear and constantly dreading each day.  A story of depression, anxiety and struggling with sexuality, isolation, feeling suffocated and wanting to scream.

All in all, I found this book an interesting read.  Life offers us both the positive and negative sides, and let us deal with it on a daily basis.

Author Julian Black found no challenges writing his books because it was such a joy to write, as all of his books have been a joy to write.  His goal was always to share with people how creativity in one’s life can be a complete joy and can bring so much magic when there is so much pain.  Through writing, he was able to escape into his imagination and write stories of fear and the pain of living on planet earth.  It has all been a complete joy for him and personal achievement. 

‘I was screaming inside but nobody could hear me’ is a story of struggling with sexuality in a time when sexuality was becoming more acceptable in society, but being petrified to move with the times. A story of isolation and having no communication with the outside world and feeling very different and judged and always on edge.  Also a story of feeling suffocated and wanting to scream out from the roof tops.

This book’s story continues about the protagonist being very brave and turning to his general practitioner for help and from there finding therapies and organisations and individual people and medication that was a life line for him to help him understand his fears and anxieties that were overwhelming him to almost the point of a breakdown.  

In life, whatever it happens to us, even if it’s fear, anxiety, depression or isolation, we can always seek for help and support from anywhere or anybody that could help and support us to understand ourselves and most importantly our fears of the world.

Be sure to grab your copy of ‘I was screaming inside but nobody could hear me’ by Julian Black today.

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