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God and My Pillow by Marianne Petersen

‘God and My Pillow’ is a book written by Author Marianne Petersen and it’s like getting to peek into someone’s diary.  It is also an award-winning memoir and gets each reader realize just how much your pillow knows about you. In this book, the author emphasizes on the fact that throughout high school, Marianne’s pillow was the thing that soaked up all her thoughts.

Author Marianne Petersen invites all her readers into her personal story.  She invites each reader to put themselves into her shoes, in this case her story. We will explore what she had learned throughout her way, about what is still learning, and after all about what we can all learn.   She offers an honest look into the life of a single mother who’s trying to find the path God has chosen for her.  In her book she also provides a witty sense of humor, but also gives a very raw and honest account of how she navigated through the struggles and questions that emerge through pregnancy, and as a new mother.

With a total of 196 pages, ‘God and My Pillow’ offers each reader real hope, and reminds us of how faithful God is, especially to persons experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.  Infact ‘God and My Pillow’ inspires a new awakening and growing faith in God, especially for all ladies preparing for motherhood.

I must confirm that definitely this book was written from the author’s heart.  I enjoyed reading this book, as while flipping through pages, I imagined myself as if I was having a real conversation with the author.  I couldn’t put this book down or aside, as although it seemed like a fiction story, in reality it’s a real story that happened to a young girl struggling with an unplanned pregnancy and its life changing it gets along the way.

Moreover, this book offers the readers a little suspense, just when Marianne received an unexpected phone call alerting her to a shocking secret that will change everything.

All in all, I mostly enjoyed this book, as I could observe that the author struggled with so many difficult situations, but not without hope.  She takes us on her journey of reliance on God for just about everything.  Thus this book is such a great empowerment to many out there.  Moreover, with all the struggles she describes well in her book, am pretty sure that Author Marianne Petersen will encourage and give hope to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.

Towards the last chapters of this book, Author Marianne Petersen gets us readers to the heart of a serious fact that God loves all his human beings even when they make mistakes, including pregnancies out of wedding engagements.

Be sure to grab your copy of ‘God and My Pillow’ by Marianne Petersen today.

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