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Burnt Alive in Gumption Junction by Johnny Baker Jr.

‘Burnt Alive in Gumption Junction’ is a book of historical fiction and the first published book for author Johnny Baker Jr.  Besides notable historical figures and events, the people and events of this book are derived entirely from the imagination of the author.

The story is about the fictional account of Texas Ranger O.R. “German Jack” Fordern and his close-knit group of men.  When Reconstruction made everything illegal in Texas after the War of Northern Aggression, even the Texas Rangers became outlaws. They were replaced by State Police, whose primary function was to hunt down and round up former Texas Rangers. German Jack and his men try to go into hiding and start over with new lives. However, they are forced to come out of hiding when something happens to one of their loved ones. 

This book offers a great flowing English language read and character development.  Gumption Junction is a place where hope meets up with reality, confidence crosses paths with faith, and happiness turns into joy. 

I really enjoyed reading this book, as the author has a gift for character and scene development.  I also enjoyed turning page after page as while reading I could clearly visualize every scene and feel like I was right there in the scene with the full characters’ explanation.

With a total of 392 pages, ‘Burnt Alive in Gumption Junction’ is an entertaining story with characters struggling to create a life in Texas at an interesting time in Texas history.  This is the story of retired Texas Ranger German Jack Fordern trying to live a simple, peaceful life after a Civil War and a not so civil reconstruction. When an unexpected attack shatters that peace and steals his family, how will Jack survive? The only way he knows how and how he find in this book is by the grace of God in one hand and a Colt in the other.

All in all, this book offers a story of love and loss, of revenge and hope.  The author – Johnny Baker Jr. Even though the most challenging aspect of writing this book for this author – Johnny Baker Jr. was finding time, after a normal workday, he really managed to tell a tale to anyone reading it with a detailed attention of the cowboy’s life living way back in 1800 in Texas.

I fully recommend this book to anyone who loves historically accurate period romance or drama, or who has a love of Texas history.  Obviously a well researched novel, also educational as well as entertaining.  I really enjoyed this book’s story and found it to be very authentic.

I must say that the author – Johnny Baker has really done extensive research and this historical fiction will teach readers out there some aspects of Texas history.

Be sure to grab your copy of ‘Burnt Alive in Gumption Junction’ by Johnny Baker Jr. today.

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