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Basketball Beyond the Bench

‘Basketball Beyond the Bench’ is a colourful children’s book by Author Angela Fields.  It is a book about basketball careers. It was specifically written to educate kids about the many people working behind the scenes of a sporting event.

It is an informative and interactive book that shares with kids, what is like to work behind the scenes of different jobs. It shares a massive message to all out kids there that most importantly is to be themselves and believe in their abilities.

When kids are into sports they only learn about the player.  A lot of children dream of becoming a NBA or WNBA stars. But, there are amazing jobs that kids can do besides just being an athlete. 

With a total of 32 pages, this book is full of great information that can give kids ideas what they can achieve in life.  Infact, it gets the kids involved by asking the children to picture themselves as a coach, for example and giving a real life scenario of what a coach does. There is also a message at the end of my book that give points to help children be successful in anything they choose to become.  Hopefully, after reading this book, kids will be inspired to explore many more options in sports careers.

Published by GetWrite Publishing, this book is printed in English language and provides colourful illustrations by Violeta Samson.

This book is more than just a book, but a training manual for kids to aspire be more than a player.  Kids reading this book will be inspired to be great, whether they are an athlete or non-athlete.

All in all, this book was written to inspire kids with different gifts who may not be an athlete, but wants to have an awesome career in sports. 

This is the perfect book to expose children in your life to careers associated with the sport. It is well written and Author Angela Fields loves interacting with her readers and supporters.

Loved the book from the beginning and I truly feel that it will inspire kids and young adults to find an exciting career beyond the bench.

Be sure to grab your copy of ‘Basketball Beyond the Bench’ by Angela Fields today. 

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