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Interview with Author Kim Gresham

Author Kim Gresham was born and currently lives in Dayton, Ohio.  She’s the mother of two and grandmother of three.  She wrote her book – The Little Green Dress to honor her mother and family with something that would last forever. Something beautiful that ties them all together. The Little Green Dress is that perfect beautiful thing that gives them all life and love.  She has been writing since high school.

The Little Green Dress is her best work simply because it’s a true story.  She served in the United States Army and was stationed in Wiesbaden Germany.  She was deployed to fight in the Gulf War right after her daughter was born, returned home an Honorable Veteran and worked in a car plant for 13 years. In that time, she became a mother of a son with autism.

Ramona: Tell me more about your latest book

Kim Gresham: The Little Green Dress series is a tribute to our family’s tradition of having every six-month-old baby girl take a photo wearing this very special little green dress.  The first book opens with the Duchess of Hulman searching for a special dress for her only child, a daughter, Queen K.  The Duchess searches many fine boutiques, but finds nothing. Upon her arrival home, she meets a neighbor. Hearing of the trouble in finding a special dress, the neighbor offers the Duchess a special gift.

Ramona: Do you prefer a traditional book or e-book, and why?

Kim Gresham: I prefer a traditional book.  The Little Green Dress is not just a book it’s a learning tool as well. The education system prefers the traditional hard back books. However, TLGD did begin as a soft cover books.  As the series transitions into the educational system the covers will all be hard. It’s easier for the children to handle and increases longevity for the books in general.

What was the most challenging aspect of writing this book?

Kim Gresham: I wrote the entire series, all five books in an hour.  All this because the story is true and so dear to our family that the words just poured out of me.  I was going through the beginnings of a divorce. On a day that was not so pleasant, I sat down with notebook and pen and The Little Green Dress was born.  Once I started using TLGD as a learning tool, I was able to connect each book with a lesson and plan for learning. As a whole, The Little Green Dress series is about traditions and legacy.  However, individually there are lessons that help the children identify who they are.  

Ramona: Do you ever struggle with writer’s block? How do you overcome it?

Kim Gresham: I haven’t experienced writer’s block, as I have not written a new book. I cannot write anything new until I have completed The Little Green Dress series.  After that is complete, which by the way would make me very happy, I have another book waiting to be published as well “Avien Says.”  Avien Says will be tales from my son, who I mentioned earlier has autism.

Ramona: What motivated you to become an author?

Kim Gresham: I was pregnant with my son and was ordered by the doctor to stay off my feet. With that time off, I did write and self-publish my first adult book entitled Sweatin’ by Miss Kim.

Ramona: How many books have you written so far? List and name them all here

Kim Gresham:  I have written a total of nine books so far.

Sweatin’ by Miss Kim (published) Kenerly Presents

Sweatin’ Again by Miss Kim (unpublished)

The Little Green Dress (published)

Queen K in The Little Green Dress(published)

Lady Ashley in The Little Green Dress(in publication)

The Princess in The Little Green Dress(unpublished)

Two Baby Girls, One Little Green Dress(unpublished)

Who Will Be Next to wear The Little Green Dress (unpublished, not included in series)

Avien Says(unpublished)

Ramona: What are some of your best practices as a writer?

Kim Gresham: I like to write at night or early morning it’s quieter.

Ramona: What is your advice for aspiring writers?

Kim Gresham: Don’t give up and keep going. It’s very hard, but you have to believe in yourself and your work. In the beginning, I was just writing these books for my grandchildren as my legacy. Then it became clear that we all have legacies. We should want our children to know their family history and traditions. We need to keep family history alive and moving down the generations.  Ask yourself what’s the purpose of my body of work? How can it help others?

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