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Back in 1980s, Author Kenyon Kane worked directly for two US Cabinet Secretaries performing services in the Soviet Union, Grenada and Northern Ireland.  Like many other authors, when he comes to writing, Kenyon requires concentration and total immersion.

Lately I got the privilege to read his book – A Useful Idiot.  This novel is inspired by true events, and it is a ride-along first person, present tense adventure, jam-packed with danger, passion and humor.  But, it is more than this.  It is an examination of capitalism versus communism and greed versus theology. 

A Useful Idiot is based on real-life persons, to be exactly real-life experiences based in Moscow.

The book has a total of 18 chapters.  The story is about Richard Hart, a self-centered materialist living in New York City married to a woman half his age dining out every night at fancy restaurants and spending his weekends shopping with his wife at expensive stores, e.g. Bergdorf-Goodman, Henri Bendel, Gucci. 

Forced to take an assignment to Moscow, he winds up in an environment where money is worthless because there is nothing to buy, food is scarce and for the most part terrible and even drinking water is impossible to find at times. As he adjusts to his new environment, he comes to find that his materialistic viewpoint is selfish, and in fact unnecessary to his happiness and as he finds joy in the new friends and the relationships he makes, he transforms toward the collective. 

But is it all a set-up by his partner in crime V. Putin?  Is he just another Useful Idiot?  As a counterpoint, while Hart is evolving in his social views toward the collective, his Soviet counterparts evolve toward capitalism because the free markets are coming to the Soviet Union and they are all going to need western currency to survive.

I surely recommend ‘A Useful Idiot” book.  All-in-all, it is a very well written novel and has a captivating story!

Be sure to grab your copy of A Useful Idiot by Kenyon Kane today. 

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