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Lust Knows No Boundaries: Down to the Core 2

Author Dabinique Magwood is also an editor and publisher, thus she is always on the go busy writing, editing and publishing.

Lately I got the privilege to read another book from her list.  This time it was “Lust Knows No Boundaries: Down to the Core 2” – and this is book number 2 from the Core series.  Having already read book 1 from this same series ‘Down to the Core: When Love is Not Enough’, it made it more fun for me to get to know more about how the story will evolve.

The book has a total of 236 pages, and 27 chapters.  The story is about Sayesha continues as she finds herself in a relationship with a man named Carl.  She is adamant on sticking to her rule: one is never enough. Young and sexy, she feels that she should be able to live her life however she pleases.  Far from a monogamous mindset, Sayesha is set to push her lustrous ways to the limit.  Will she realize that her limit has been reached?  Or, will her need for multiple partners become her greatest downfall yet?

After being hurt one too many times, Kayla was ready to give up on love.  Instead, she decides to forgive Taron for his wrong-doing and accepts him back into her life.  Now, her new boss has gotten her attention, and has become her new eye candy.  Kayla is now faced with a choice: allow her lust to guide her in the direction that her body wants, and possibly risk it all.  Or, allow the opportunity to pass her by. One thing’s for sure, a decision has to be made, and she will need to answer the one question that has been circling around in her mind, “Is it all worth it?”

Love is one of the wonderful feelings in the world a human can ever get.  The feeling of love is so powerful and liked by many. This book is about love and all its complications.  Yet many say love is complicated after an experience, while some dive into the same hot soup every other day.  But at the end of the day, everyone likes the feeling of love and being loved.

I surely recommend ‘Lust Knows No Boundaries: Down to the Core 2” book.  All-in-all, it is a very well written love-story and has a captivating story!

Be sure to grab your copy of “Lust Knows No Boundaries: Down to the Core 2” by Dabinique Magwood today. 

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