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‘The Darkside of Good’ is the self-titled starter of author Jeff Bacon series.  It is a thrilling novel that will capture readers from start to finish.  The story is all about a terrifying, but yet a breathtaking journey.  The author’s method of outlining and story-telling seems to be working not only for him, but also to all his readers.

With a total of 198 pages, this book’s plot is about a normal military lieutenant who was put into the worst mission ever.  He is given a way out of the army and becomes a civilian, but that is wrought with peril as he tries to find his place in the world of angels, demons, and some of the worst humans on the planet. Jacob has no idea who he can trust, or what he is being used for, but the action-packed journey to answers will keep you glued to the story right to the end.

Author Jeff Bacon writes in a few different genres including supernatural thrillers, dark fantasy, and horror.  He plans on writing more books in the future.

As I sat down reading this book – ‘The Darkside of Good’, especially right now being day after day rainy days, I wanted to know more and more, until I found myself at the very last page of this thrilling novel book. 

The story is about Jacob as he discovers his destiny.  Captain Jacob Baccus and his platoon who are assigned to a Protective Services Detail to escort a group of scientists to the Iraqi National Museum at the beginning of the war.  The mission goes sideways as it is extended to escort the scientists and their cargo to a secret base in Antarctica.  Jacob soon finds out the world he thought he knew, is a cloak for a mystical and evil place.

Captain Jacob Baccus is more than a man. He’s a hero. Sworn by his duty to protect a group of scientists traveling in Baghdad during the Iraq War, he helps secure an incredible secret: the ancient body of King Nimrod. Together, Captain Baccus and his platoon escorts the body to a secret base only to find out that everything is not as it seems. Thrown into a war he didn’t expect, Captain Baccus faces his toughest mission yet. Little does he know that the war between good and evil is just getting started.

I recommend ‘The Darkside of Good’ for all those interested in urban fantasy and historical reading as they surely will find this book a truly fun read to enjoy.

All in all, I found this book enjoyable.  The author Jeff Bacon emphasized on suspense, adventure and intriguing story, that you won’t be able to stop turning pages.

Be sure to grab your copy of ‘The Darkside of Good’ by Jeff Bacon today.

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