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Down to the Core: When Love Is Not Enough

Having wrote three novels so far, author Dabinique Magwood is always on the go busy with her writings.  She is an author, editor and publisher, thus she keeps herself busy and she is not done yet.

Lately I got the privilege to read another book from her list.  This time it was ‘Down to the Core: When Love is Not Enough’ – and this is only book one from the Core series. 

This book is an in-depth in regards to the lives of the characters presented in the story and their mindset.  Relationships, drama, lust and excitement are all highlights of this fantastic book.  What I loved most in this book is that Author Dabinique Magwood excelled in descriptions of urban street life

The plot of the story is about two best friends, Sayesha and Kayla.  They are at the top of their games when it comes to getting what they want out of life. But when Sayesha hooks up with an old love interest who takes her by surprise, she finds herself trapped between two lovers, which ultimately puts her friendship with Kayla at risk.

Kayla then decides to help Sayesha to figure out a solution to her dilemma. Meanwhile, Kayla begins an excited new relationship with a guy she meets at a nightclub only to realize that he will never be faithful to her. She then turns to the one guy she can trust who won’t take advantage of her.

After spending quality time as friends, they begin a relationship based on trust and loyalty until a night of weakness tears everything apart. In a third relationship, Rhonda and Victor have endured a union mired by countless suspicions of infidelity. Although Victor has been completely faithful, all of Ronda’s insecure accusations have now tempted him to be led astray by the most seductive woman in the midst. And when Rhonda’s ex resurfaces, the game of musical love is on. Which one of them will submit to seduction? And how will they survive the fallout?

‘Down to the Core: When Love is Not Enough’ has 231 pages and published by Envision Publications (3 June 2016), and it is written in English language.

This book was absolutely a great read.  It reminded me in many people that I bump with them in local bars, whom many of them especially the boys are living the high-life with women and night clubs.

While reading I noticed that the book is filled with multiple characters each with their own nemesis – each with something to prove. Sex plays a big part in this story because each character was hungry with sexual desires in their own way.  Also backstabbing and cheating were imminent throughout the story. But through it all the two main characters who have a bond that is unbreakable almost had it broken when one of the friends thinks she is coming into her own.

A couple cliff hangers makes the wait for part two worth it.  All I can say is that I can’t wait to see who will get revenge and what compromises vengeance brings once it sought !!!

This is a promising start to a story of friendship, challenges, and heartbreak, as well as a promising first novel from Dabinique Magwood.

I surely recommend ‘Down to the Core: When Love is Not Enough’ book.  I also loved the book cover as it puts you in the picture right away.   All in all it is very well written and has a captivating story!

Be sure to grab your copy of ‘Down to the Core: When Love is Not Enough’ by Dabinique Magwood today. 

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