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‘White Lion II : Man-Eater’ by Reg D. Lyons

Having been an Indie Author for 15 years now, Author R.D. Lyons has written six (6) books so far.

Reading and reviewing one of his books – “White Lion II: Man-Eater”, I must admit I enjoyed it very much.  My overall thoughts about this suspense thriller novel are that it was well written and flowing.  

“White Lion II: Man-Eater” has a lot of extremely dark content and might be disturbing for some people and what goes on in the deep dark web that only four percent of the population has access to.  Infact Reg D.Lyons had to gain access to it and it is most dark and depraved totally illegal nasty stuff going on!  Also not forgetting that the paranormal content was fun and of course challenging researching for the author as well. 

This book is a Supernatural Mystery Action Thriller perhaps of the decade because it deals with the dark and hidden from most of the population.  It is a sequel book of the Spectacular White Lion trilogy as White Lion Heart and White Lion II Man Eater is a slam against the dark, black market operating around the globe right this instant.  

In this second book of the Trilogy, the main character, Victor Debeers who has now gone from hunting Exotic Animals to hunting incredibly dangerous, evil humans.  Victor Debeers, the Flying Dutchman Man Hunter will travel is called upon by New Scotland Yard to find two missing women in the UK with hardly a trace! Victor agrees to take the case as he knows one of the women that has vanished. As he works the case and a supernatural mystery starts to unravel and is brought into the light. Victor discovers some shocking, very dark secret truths that have been hidden for thousands of years from almost the entire population except a select few! Victor soon realizes to solve the case and find out the truth what happened he must enlist the aid of his forensic Investigator Fiance, A Parapsychologist, and a Great seer a Sanuzi from South Africa Sosa but it is not going to be easy the people he wants to find are virtually untraceable! 

Also Victor must conquer the unknown and the beast within him!  However, there is much more he must know and unveil so shocking enough for anyone to put the Fear of God into!

“White Lion II: Man-Eater” book has a total of 220 pages and was published by S.A.G.A.  New Media Productions Company in the English language. 

I recommend this book to persons who enjoy reading suspense thriller novels and definitely a 5-star review straight away for this book.

Be sure to grab your copy of “White Lion II: Man-Eater” by Reg D. Lyons today.

Buy your copy from: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07H4N1KJB/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i0

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