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Stranger in a Familiar Place’ by Barakah Smith

‘Stranger in a Familiar Place’ is written by Barakah Smith, and is in the process to be published by Newman Springs Publishing in the United States of America.  Infact it is almost to the finish line – as it is scheduled to be printed and out for distribution for this coming late November 2019 and it will be available to order from both Amazon and also from Barnes and Noble in hardcopy and e-book form.

So far ‘Stranger in a Familiar Place’ is Barakah Smith first officially published book.   She hopes this will be the first of many other published books and that her readers will have a chance to explore her worlds and be inspired.

In my genuine opinion, I enjoyed reading this fiction book.  My overall thoughts are that it was well written and flowing.  So a big applause goes to Barakah Smith for her very first impression. 

This book has ten (10) flowing enjoyable chapters in total and the whole story plot is meant to get you thinking and wondering just like the author herself did when she first thought of the concept.

‘Stranger in a Familiar Place’ introduces us to two (2) different characters – Elias and Malakh.  The character Elias wakes up with no memories, no sense of physical touch, emotions, and generally everything that we would define our own humanity missing.  He meets Malakh, a massive polar bear, who journeys with him to help him recover his humanity.  Meanwhile Malakh’s own past may put Elias in harm’s way and he must come to terms with his past in order to help Elias.  Malakh and Elias are definitely a fun pair and share a bond, not often explored in fiction.

All-in-all, this book is original in its approach to telling a fictional story and has a lot to offer.  During the story, its readers will encounter some fun hints.  I really recommend this book.

In an interview, I have conducted before with author Barakah Smith, she had told me, “Being this is my first go-round, I am trying to soak up all the tricks of the trade to give the book the best chance possible”.  And I must say she really impressed me.  I am sure she will impress all other readers out there with her very first book – ‘Stranger in a Familiar Place’.

‘Stranger in a Familiar Place’ book has a total of 280 pages and was published by Newman Springs Publishing in the English language. 

Be sure to grab your copy of ‘Stranger in a Familiar Place’ by Barakah Smith as from this coming November 2019 either from Amazon or from Barnes and Noble in hardcopy and e-book form.

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