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Interview with Author Reg D. Lyons

Author R.D. Lyons has been an Indie Author for 15 years now and he is from Kelowna, British Columbia.  He first discovered his passion for creative writing in Junior High School and continued in English classes in Senior High School which he received a high A+ in Creative Writing class.  

His stories at the time consisted of short adventure stories usually involving animals.  He is a Computer Technology graduate that holds honors in Arts and Sciences especially the Creative Arts such as Creative Writing, Drawing and Painting.  He holds an honor certificate also in Earth sciences of Geology and Geography. 

R.D. Lyons is also a dedicated Martial Artist first was Taikwondo, then  Karate, Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do he dabbled in and is a Student in Ninjutsu (Ninja) for the past 10 years advancing to Green belt.  He may have been living in a past life as a powerful Ninja Clan leader!  He believes in Reincarnation everything recycles why not souls especially if we the soul cannot die, but it recycles that is another story. 

Ramona: Tell me more about your latest book

R.D. Lyons: Man Eater White Lion II is a Supernatural Mystery Action Thriller perhaps of the decade because it deals with the dark and hidden from most of the population. It is a sequel book of the Spectacular White Lion trilogy as White Lion Heart and White Lion II Man Eater is a slam against the dark, black market operating around the globe right this instant.   The Global Exotic Animal Poaching and Trafficking Black Market (Please sign and share my Avaaz Petition to Change the Penalties16 K Endangered Exotic Animals are at stake!  

In this second book of the Trilogy. The main character, Victor Debeers who has now gone from hunting Exotic Animals (Read the 1st of the Trilogy The Spectacular White Lion Heart on Paperback to discover more) to hunting incredibly dangerous, evil humans.  Victor Debeers, the Flying Dutchman Man Hunter will travel is called upon by New Scotland Yard to find two missing women in the UK with hardly a trace! Victor agrees to take the case as he knows one of the women that has vanished. As he works the case and a supernatural mystery starts to unravel and is brought into the light. Victor discovers some shocking, very dark secret truths that have been hidden for thousands of years from almost the entire population except a select few! Victor soon realizes to solve the case and find out the truth what happened he must enlist the aid of his forensic Investigator Fiance, A Parapsychologist, and a Great seer a Sanuzi from South Africa Sosa but it is not going to be easy the people he wants to to find are virtually untraceable! 

Ramona: What were the key challenges you faced when writing this book? 

R.D. Lyons: The key challenges in writing this book I would say researching the content and finding the time to do that with 2 jobs A lot of the content is indeed extremely dark and disturbing and what goes on in the deep dark web that only four percent of the population has access too. I had to gain access to it and it is most dark and depraved totally illegal nasty stuff going on! Also the paranormal content was fun and challenging researching as well! 

Ramona: What motivated you to become an author? 

R.D. Lyons: I think it is my desire to share my creative works and stories with others and so by doing  enlightening all my readers. 

Ramona: What brought you to write your books? 

R.D. Lyons: You know Ramona I think it was my keen passion of wanting to be a storyteller that brought me to be an Author! 

Ramona: How many books have you written so far? 

R.D. Lyons: I have written 6 books so far! 

SHURIK’EN SUPER NINJA BOOK 1. SHURIK’EN II The Shinobi: Black Ops on the Black Dragon. The Spectacular White Lion Heart, Book 1 Man Eater White Lion II Book 2 SUPER MANGA SHURIK’EN Super Ninja in Take Down in Nicaaragua. True Shinobi Secrets Decoded. 

Ramona: What book or books have had a strong influence on you or your writing?  

R.D. Lyons: I would say Jaws! it was chock full of action, horror and suspense all rolled into one! , also John Carpenter’s The Thing! a very entertaining Novel! , The MEG just incredibly thrilling, spine tingling action! … which are all Suspense Action Thrillers made into movies! that is my writing Genre. 

Ramona: Would you rather have an endless summer or an endless winter? 

R.D. Lyons: I would definitely want to have an endless Summer.  I love the tropics and travel to warm sunny places. I tolerate the Winters, but don’t like them… never have! 

Ramona: Writing can be an emotionally draining and stressful pursuit.  Any tips for aspiring writers?  

R.D. Lyons: Rise early, before the sun rises and write down daily goals for yourself! One more thing just keep visualizing the finished project and it will happen! Research your subject well beforehand, and if it helps write the ending draft first before the beginning sometime for some strange reason or another it might be easier that way to avoid writer’s block (I have never had it) and finish the book and keep you motivated.

Thanks so much Ramona Portelli for interviewing me I wish everyone that knows of me get acquainted with reading all my action suspense thriller books!

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