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‘Amicus and the Slave’ by Shelly Lane

‘Amicus and the Slave’ by Shelly Lane

Being a bibliophile for 28 years, Author Michelle Compton writes her books under the pen name Shelly Lane.  So far she has got four (4) published books on Amazon/KDP.

Lately I have read one of her books – ‘Amicus and the Slave’.  It is a very enjoyable read and an awesome book with an amazing storyline and inside pictures. It also has lots of good imagery and the author draws you into the character’s life with ease.

Like many of her works, ‘Amicus and the Slave’ is historical fiction.  It depicts the life of a young slave, maybe 12 to 16 years old, in the 1st Century Roman Empire.  His master is so ruthless that the slave contemplates escape, but running away is punishable by being mauled to death by wild animals in the arena as a public spectacle, and even without the threat of capture, the North African wilderness is an inhospitable region of intense heat, little food, and a powerful lion known to kill heavily armed men.

The plot of the story is enslaved to one of the cruelest masters of the Roman Empire, a young man wonders whether or not he dares run away. If he stays, the mistreatment will continue, but to become a fugitive is to condemn himself to a shameful, violent death. Also this book’s story is based on Apion’s legend.

‘Amicus and the Slave’ book has a total of 378 pages, written in English language and its publication date was 31 October, 2017.

I surely recommend ‘Amicus and the Slave’ book.  I also loved the book cover as it puts you in the picture right away.   All in all it is very well written and has a captivating story!

Be sure to grab your copy of ‘Amicus and the Slave’ by Shelly Lane (Michelle Compton) today.

Buy your copy from : https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0772P2KYF/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_taft_p1_i0

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