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‘Visiting Heaven’ by Rebekah Wagner

Author Rebekah Wagner grew up reading everything she could get her hands on.  ‘Visiting Heaven’ is not her first published book, infact it is her fifth one. 

Having read all this book myself, and even though it’s fiction, I know it really comes straight from the author’s heart, and she is very passionate about this book. 

There is so much to love about this book, it’s hard to know where to begin.  While reading this book, it reminded me a lot to my daddy.  He was my best friend, my biological father and my wine buddy.  From the other side, Rebekah’s grandmother was her best friend, her grandmother and her nanny.  But like my father, her grandmother is gone.  And now we have to face reality.  So this book, ‘Visiting Heaven’ made me realise how life is so powerful. 

All in all, ‘Visiting Heaven’ book is a feel-good story, the dream that almost all of us who have lost somebody dear to us have had at some point: the intense desire to reconnect with them in that beautiful forever place. 

The story’s plot is about Tori – a little girl who lost her grandmother who was also her best friend.  Tori starts distances herself from everyone she knows and falls into a deep, dark place – losing control of her life with no idea on how to get it back on track. With the gift of being able to visit heaven and the guidance of her nanny, she is able to get back on track with her life and even find love. 

Visiting Heaven was originally meant to just be a dedication to the author’s – Rebekah Wagner late grandmother whom she called Nanny.  Like in the book, her relationship with Tori was how her nanny’s relationship and herself actually were.   

Rebekah published it for the world because after finishing it and looking over it – something told her that she should release it, and that it could help others. In the book after Tori’s nanny passes away everything in her life crumbles in her life and she loses complete control because she has a hard time coming to reality about the fact that her best friend is gone. Well she gets the gift of three visits to heaven to seek guidance from her nanny one last time and with that guidance she is able to get her life back and even find love. 

‘Visiting Heaven’ book has a total of 58 pages, written in English language and its publication date was 15 November, 2018.

I surely recommend ‘Visiting Heaven’ book.  I also loved the book cover as it puts you in the picture right away.  Author Rebekah Wagner knows what she’s writing as she writes to provide value, something that would give the reader a feeling of fulfillment or satisfaction.  I recommend this book to persons who’ve lost someone and are looking for a book to share that journey with them. 

Be sure to grab your copy of ‘Visiting Heaven by Rebekah Wagner today.

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