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‘A Child’s Heart’ by Viola Shafer

Ever since she was a young girl, Author Viola Shafer has loved to read books and write stories. 

Her book ‘A Child’s Heart’ was written for parents and children alike. Children may be familiar with some of the poetic adventures while parents may reminisce about their own childhood.  A Child’s Heart is for the young at heart, for those who never lost sight of the wonders of childhood, the excitement of a summer’s vacation, or a school day closed because of snow.

“A Child’s Heart” is written entirely in rhyme for young children between the ages of 4 and 14 and would be great for parents and grandparents with young children.  Viola Shafer wrote poems and stories asking questions throughout the book so that the child can interact with the poems and stories.

The book isn’t only her memories, but she also encourages the reader to add their memories.  This book would make an excellent addition to any classroom or school library.

I enjoyed reading this book.  My overall thoughts are that it was well written and flowing.   I confirm that this book ‘A Child’s Heart’ is to help arouse the child’s imagination. The text is easy to read with straightforward rhymes. The poems can be read again and again at bedtime and anytime. It will be a cherished book that parents and children alike will take pride in owning.

Reading this book, I literally let myself become lost in the memories of childhood-making.  Whoever reads this book encounters lots of childhood memories like snow angels, snowmen, and snow forts, dressing up for Halloween, decorating a Christmas tree, watching the seasons change, watching birds and small animals from your window or porch, or just relaxing in the summer’s rays.

The book is divided into three major categories, the first are 25 individual poems, the second, “God’s Creatures Big and Small” with two-line rhymes and the third and the author’s personal favourite, are the adventures of “Willie the Bookworm”.     

The author’s challenge was to not only write a book that children would love to read and own, but to rhyme every line.  Some rhymes came easy while others she struggled with, but in the end Viola Shafer was extremely pleased with the outcome. 

The poems describe many experiences that a child will have while growing up-birthdays, holidays, school days, and even more thrilling surprises. The poems unleash the wonder, excitement, and awe of the young reader. Children reading the poem “God’s Creatures Big and Small” will learn some fascinating animal facts along the way. Take an adventure with Willie the Bookworm as he competes in a footrace with many colourful characters as they learn valuable life lessons. The author gives the child an opportunity to express themselves by answering questions after each poem. Life is full of amazing experiences that enlightens the child’s curiosity. 

“A Child’s Heart” book has a total of 68 pages and was published by Christian Faith Publishing, Inc in the English language. 

More information and to view ‘A Child’s Heart’ trailer visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOxp6cKn26Q&feature=youtu.be  

Be sure to grab your copy of ‘A Child’s Heart’ by Viola Shafer today.

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