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‘Spectacular Me’ by Hadar Fadida

Spectacular Me is the perfect title for this children’s story.

It is an affirmation that we are all unique and special just for being our authentic selves. This book should be read daily for the gentle message to sink in.  It is a delightful interactive book which leads your little ones down a path of self-recognition and self-confidence.

As soon I sat down to start reading this book, and from the first page, I already got hooked to the story. 

Author Hadar Fadida spends the daylight hours working as a laboratory technician in a school and when the sun goes down she takes out a pencil and sketchpad and turns into frantic story teller.

You know instantly from the very first page of this book that something is so unique because the narrator is viewing the world from outside, but you equally know from the title, that everything will be okay by the end of the story.

Spectacular Me is the first in a series of four book, and it is written in first person.

The story is about a small child who takes a 7-day journey around this wonderful world full of amazing creatures and wonders what he/she has to offer in comparison. He then sees with the help of his loving family that he is unique and special just the way he is. 

This book introduces the concepts of self-esteem and love. Promoting strong self-image leads our young child onto his/her next adventure. 

The whole universe is waiting; the bored moon, the sleepy sun and even the naughty stars. What are they waiting for? We soon find out. They have been waiting for our spectacular child!

This child tells the happy story of a voyage around this wonderful world, with its super swimming, fabulous flying and magnificent roaring creatures. The 7-day journey is seen through the eyes of the child as each creature tells their story. What is our child’s story? Where is our child’s place? On the final day it all becomes clear. Everyone has a story to tell-a story that is theirs and theirs alone.

A spectacular story and our spectacular children shout it out aloud. They rejoice at being part of this awesome life. A crossover comic/interactive/picture book. To be read very loudly.

There will be three more books in the series: Spectacular You; Spectacular Us; and Spectacular Them. All books will introduce concepts such as self-esteem, tolerance, acceptance, unconditional love optimism, happiness and family life.

Spectacular Me is being sold as a hardcover book with 32 pages.

All in all, I found this book enjoyable.  The author Hadar Fadida has made an effort to leave no loose ends in the story and has succeeded in doing so.  Her writings are meant to be fun.  The book is well-written with excellent descriptions too.

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