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Get to know author Snehal R. Singh

Snehal R. Singh is the Positive Source of All Possibilities, Best Selling Author, Publisher, Mentor Coach and Business Strategist.  Her mission is to inspire others to live fully, authentically and passionately.

Her intention is to inspire and help as many writers and Authors to get their books out and published.  As the founder of Mind Spirit Works, Snehal is brand in herself and is known for her work in coaching and training field. She has worked with authors and life coaches nationwide and internationally.

Currently, she is mentoring authors and coaches worldwide.

Ramona: Along with coach and best-selling author – Divya LV Jegasundarum you have published your book ‘Coach Wisdom’.  This is a collection of personal experiences, industry best practices, tips, do’s and dont’s within the growing profession of coaching, from professionally certified coaches globally.  Can you explain your book further

Snehal: This collection of personal experiences, industry best practices and the things to do and those to avoid has been compiled from an array of some of the industry’s top coaches.  Each of them are only too aware of the struggles, fears, questions and doubts that you will face, but have combined to produce a book that will help you overcome your obstacles and build the coaching business you desire.

Ramona: This book is first of its kind, and provides the opportunity for the reader to learn and understand coaching and its many facts at a much deeper level. What was the general public feedback so far?

Snehal: The book was initially written by coaches for coaches. However we have received overwhelming response from readers all over and readers are not necessarily coaches. They are from all walks of life. 

Ramona: Tell us more about Coach Wisdom.  All I know it is designed to inspire, guide, motivate and to others enthusiastic and fulfilled with the profession of coaching. Tell us more about this venture

Snehal: The idea of Coach Wisdom came about when certified coaches and lecturers Divya Jegasudaram and Snehal Singh, were one day casually discussing books and material available for new, aspiring or seasoned coaches, and how there seemed to be nothing that could serve Coaches in this capacity.  Both Best Selling Authors in their own right from the ’20 Beautiful Women’ book series, they saw the benefits of co-authoring, hence how the idea of Coach Wisdom came about.

Coach Wisdom, is a book with 21 chapters whereby, each chapter has been written by a different Coach.  The book offers perspectives, best practices, industry tips, dos and dont’s and so much more from a collection of certified Coaches globally.  The book was launched on the 15th January 2019, and became an Amazon Best-Seller in multiple countries in just 4 days, and is still getting lots of attention, not only from Coaches but also, from entrepreneurs, leaders and managers within organisations, and also individuals looking to embark upon a personal development journey of their own.

Ramona: Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writings and coaching?

Snehal: Honestly, I feel coaching and writing is my calling. Yes there are challenges, but I think they just make me more ‘me” so I am all set to face them.

Ramon: In your opinion as an author, what’s the best way to market your books?

Snehal: I feel that best way to market your own books – Is talk about it, share it freely without withholding.  I am a Non-Fiction writer myself. My intent is to touch lives of 2 million people in next 5 years and books enable me to do so. 

Ramona: What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?

Snehal: Being Artistic Itself. Sometimes the creativity just flows in and sometimes it feels like work. It does affect deliverables at times.

Ramona: If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Snehal: Write because you love writing. You never know who would read your writing and how it would help them. Just do it.

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