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Get to know author Nelson Gomez Coelho

Nelson Gomez Coelho’s story finds its humble beginning in Germany. He was born the son of a Spaniard and a Portuguese woman in ordinary circumstances.  As he grow and reached adulthood, his mind was opened to the magic and majesty of the world through extraordinary experiences. As a young man, he embraced the Rockstar life, where he was the Songwriter and Guitar Player and was able to meet and interact with endless types of people from endless walks of life, all achieving connection and meaning through the expression of art. 
Soon he left behind this life to work in the tourism industry, further allowing him to connect with humanity through his interactions with others. He progressed from this job to work in Human Resources. He found great success in this field and believed that had achieved happiness until everything went wrong- and he was faced with an eternal question: Is humanity truly connected, not only to one another but to the universe? 
During his all life he had a lot of mystical situations that nobody can really explain and these situations open his eyes in a special way to the world and humans.
And so I ask myself: Can we truly achieve our dreams, or are we continually destined for disappointment? And most importantly: Is personal happiness ever truly in reach?
These are the questions he asked himself as he strode forward into a long and painful journey, descending into darkness and uncertainty in a quest to find the answer. He knew something in his life had to change, but did not know what philosophy held the key to his true happiness. After he passed the strangest journey of his life, he decided to write his first book based on this true story of himself, to help also other people in the world, who are looking to find the way out of the darkness into happiness. And now the book finally published and he is very proud and happy present this now to all readers out there.
Ramona: You’re an inspiring novelist and best newcomer author.  How does it feel and is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
Nelson: It feels good when you can help others which are in the same situation as you. Because this is real life lessons that you will never learn in the school or be taught by your parents.  This happens and when you are alone and you have nobody to help, then you must find your way and this way was really hard for me. But now I finally know who I am and what I was before. During this journey, I started a diary to write all my emotions and all the details that I have done every day. And based on this diary I have written this book. 
Ramona: How long on average does it take you to write a book?
Nelson:  On the journey to happiness, I had written a diary about six months. And then basically I start to write this book in German and then I have translated it in English. For all this work I had spent one year of passion and love to write this magic book.
Ramona: How many books have you written so far? Can you name all your books one by one 
Nelson:  Prayer is not Enough – The Golden Key to Personal Happiness is my first book and I am very proud of it. I feel so much love and power to present this book. The second book of mine is already in work and will come out in the middle of this year. 
Ramona: ‘Prayer is not enough – The Golden Key to Personal Happiness’ is your latest published book. Tell us more about it
Nelson:  In this book, you won’t learn about healing through miracles, but you will come to understand there is a path that leads to inner happiness in love and in work, even when you are faced with incurable disease or other seemingly hopeless situations. As a child of a religious family I had been taught very early that If you can’t get any further in life if it really gets difficult, you should pray to your saints. The best thing is to take the trip to Fatima to present your wishes and hopes to the Blessed Mother, and then everything will be all right. Through my career, I had lost all my relationships with friends and also my then partner. 
I started thinking about what I was going to do and this began my search for the meaning of life. I think this search begins for all of us at some point, usually when things don’t turn out the way we want or when we’ve reached a point where we can’t see a way out. Then begins again the praying and the hoping that some saint will come down, pull us out of the mud and show us the way. In this book, I will tell you how I fight with depression, heal my inner child, changed my diet and change my life into happiness.
Ramona: You claim that your book is new and completely different from others.  Infact you describe in great detail your real insights, which help others learn how one can fulfil all the wishes. Can you explain further
Nelson:  In this book, you will not find miracles and you will also not find fantasy story´s that will tell you that you will get the secret of humanity and this opens up all your wishes. 
You will learn how to become happy in your life based on my true story.
Nothing in the Universe is really separated from everything else!It´s so rich and generous and able to fulfill all your wishes and much more.
But how does it work?Believe in Happiness – Freedom – Open Mind – Mystery & Love!
My story is both new as old as humanity. Come with me on a journey and discover yourself.
Ramona: Your book is an exciting journey that made it possible for you to discover the big secret. Can you reveal more about this?
Nelson:  The sharpest weapon of the ego is fear. If you feel alone and abandoned by the whole world,                this is nothing but an illusion that fools you to keep you in its power.
As you set your ego aside, focus on your life energy and increase your inner vibration, you will come closer to understanding the world as it really is, and learn how to find your place within it.
The universe will take care of you right away and set everything in motion so that your wishes will be fulfilled, absolutely free. It seems incredible, but it’s true. If you implement my real insights, one day you’ll stand in front of the house you always wanted to live in. You will be able to immediately buy it for a real bargain price—or even get it for free. And that great car you’ve dreamed about will also be in front of your door, waiting for you to finally get in and hit the road. 
How does it work?  You will get the answer in my book.
Ramona: What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?
Nelson:  To be different as the others! I am not a usual author that write books just for getting success. And I am also not the next Paulo Coelho. I love him as a person and I love his books but I am a normal person like you. But the difference is that I had a lot of visions in my life and I know that I have passed this way out of the darkness. And now I am a completely open mind person which is ready to help others and write a lot of books with all my visions. 
Ramona: What does literary success look like to you?Nelson:  My biggest wish is to help others with all my experience that I have learned in my life. If I could just help one only person out there with my book, this would be for me literary success! Get in touch with Nelson Gomez Coelho on:-


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