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Get to know author Comrade Fayiah LEIBA

Comrade Fayiah LEIBA is a professional counselor, a father of four and the husband of one wife by the name Rosaline Louise. Comrade is originally from Sierra Leone but presently enjoying his stay in Dakar, the capital city of the West African nation, Senegal providing guidelines for people to manage their personal, professional and societal lives.

A results driven, hardworking and capable personality with a track record of significantly reducing costs and also improving any Institution’s processes and corporate purchasing programs. This stance started in 2007 when he used to volunteer to backstop the then Admin Assistant.

Having a proven ability to ensure that everywhere or any institution he works enjoys a competitive edge when compared to its sister Institutions by securing the best quality, price and terms from suppliers.

He is continually delivering results against strategic objectives, at the same time as working within the organizations core values and beliefs. Now looking for a new and challenging managerial position, one that will make best use of existing abilities, wisdom, understanding, discernment, and knowledge and also further my career and professional development.

Responsible for working closely with the selected suppliers and managing any Institution’s procurement activities. Furthermore, I help provide constructive suggestions to leadership for the motivation to achieve maximum performance and efficiency. Making sure that the work works within any Institution’s Operational Procedures.

Why I Fail is not a book that seeks to magnify the reason for failure but rather, I, in a cunning way and from my personal experiences share how success can be attained even from what seems to be the worst situation.  This is a reference book for anyone not to fall in the same traps of failure, which I have once fallen into.

In 2014, a friend of his tagged him on a Facebook post with a link entitled: Rich Dad monopoly game. And he clicked of course to see what was in for him. That day he discovered an information gold mine, which he has since that day exploited and have benefited from that single click to date.

Ramona: How long on average does it take you to write a book?

Comrade: I am a trained Bilingual Secretary (English/French) with a typing speed of at least 60 words per minute. If I have the inspiration that is long lasting. I can type 500 words in 10 minutes. So I can now write a book’s manuscript, in a month. Depending on the editor’s schedule and other book designers, it will take me 3 months to publish a book. However, this one now published took me a year interval.

Ramona: Lately you’ve published a book entitled ‘Why I Fail: Success Disguised in Failure’. It’s a book about great lesson of life. The message in it is presented in a metaphorical logic of successes because of failures – as the saying goes – you cannot succeed without trials and failures. Can you explain further the book’s content.

Comrade: See. Everybody speaks about success and no one wants to talk about failure. With success, there very little lessons learnt from it. However, when you failed? There are questions that are figured out. We tend to draw lessons from what has happened. Which way, we could have done it better and why? See this message here. There is a clever saying that says: Experience is the best teacher. This might be right to some extent. However, a wise man once said that though experience is the best teacher. It is better if it not your own experience. One day, I was opportune to listen to one of wife, Rose’s favorite pastors: John Gray. He said in his sermon that Saturday afternoon. Many a time, you see someone committing a crime and goes free. Never imagine to give that act a try by committing the same crime. The blessing behind that person might never be yours. If you tried it, it will either become the end of your life or rotten in jail. So I did equip the book to serve any purpose-driven fellow to live better in any society they find themselves.

Ramona: You wrote this book for others to learn from your own mistakes, and especially for youth who aspire to succeed in their endeavours.  What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?

Comrade: You see. When you are gifted. Never be arrogant. Arrogance is a sin that will cost you physical, moral, mental tortures and constant indecisions. If you are not careful, you may likely not survive it or make it in life. To be frank, this should have been my 4th book to be published, but it is part of the journey of disguised success. His Day – was a memoir, which my wife, Rose begged me not to publish because it will be creating more enemies for me than good. I listened and put that effort aside and forget about it. After which, I wrote the manuscript of another book: The Four-Key (Wisdom – Knowledge – Understanding & Discernment). This was never finalized and became a lost manuscript. Later on in 2017, I wrote The Pathway to Success. This too, due to my busy schedule, I also lost this too along the way. One evening, my wife, Rose got angry with me that I am spending sleepless nights staying up in the name of  I am writing a book, but I lack serenity in coming up with a tangible thing – called book.

You know anger and passion when properly handled can provide you with better results. This is what served me as a catalyst to seeing the birth of Why I Fail: Success Disguised in Failure, which has become my debut as an Author. The personal development seminars I have attended and over 40+ years’ life experience as a person are all structured in it.  Also, I have an audiobook library of close to 600 books as I write this note today. The research was actually drawn from the lessons of these audiobooks. Also, as a Christ-driven person, some lessons were also drawn from Sunday sermons. The book is a correct package to forge ahead in life.

Ramona: Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Comrade: The challenge I found in my writing is purely due to my office work. I am only available to write in the night when everybody is sleeping. Assembling ideas together to form a flow meaning is not funny. It is very difficult to concentrate when you have the presence of mosquitoes in the room you are typing the words into a book. I wish I had a permanent insect repeller machine that includes mosquitoes to help me focus on my writing.

Ramona: What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?

Comrade: You have ideas, but putting them into a book is an art. This requires a serious training. It is through the writers’ training seminar I followed in May 2017 that has played a catalyst role for me to come up with a book. Had it not being that training, I would have written many manuscripts, but turning them into a book would have never materialized. Putting the ideas into a book is tough business (I mean, very difficult).

Ramona: What does literary success look like to you?

Comrade: I would answered this with a question: Are you successful, alright. What next? Have you ever gone on top of Steep Mountain?  It is very difficult to climb on top of steep mountain, but once there (I mean, on top of it) climbing down that said mountain is always a challenge to everyone, regardless your age, except you are used to doing it. It is difficult to maintain success than failure. Let me just share this concern with anyone who is willing or who cares to know. I have written a book. Alright, but there is more to it than just the book publication. I have been spending a lot of time and resources in order to see this book get noticed and be sold to people. My editor once asked me: How far am I with the sales of the book? Difficult yet! I answered him.  As for the likes, they are plenty, but it is not the goal I wrote the book for. I want people to buy it and make use of it. In short, to be successful, it requires serious courage. 

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