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Get to know artist Anthony Donaghue

Anthony Donaghue is a clothing creator and crafter of ink and cord, as well as words and wisdom.  He finds the arts to be extremely meditative and would recommend anyone to pick up any creative hobby or artistic venture because the passion, gratitude, humility and respect that it brings to one’s life is immensely satisfying.

“I’ve spent many hours in my studio, behind the pen of illustrations of sacred geometry and poetry, as well as crafted thousands of feet of hemp and paracord.  I love the feeling that creating something from nothing, it’s an addiction honestly”, stated ANTHONY DONAGHUE in this introduction to this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI

Ramona : Tell me more about your latest artwork

Anthony Donaghue : I’m currently designing clothes and creating hemp and paracord jewelry and accessories, moving away from ink illustrations, now I’m working with the illustrations digitally, New Tee’s, Hoodies, Stickers and Unique Hand-crafted jewelry all the time.  I do what I love and love what I do.  I’m always expanding my horizon to see what I can create next!

Ramona : Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your artwork?

Anthony Donaghue : The most challenging thing about my art is storing it to be honest, I create abundantly.

Ramona : You’ve been illustrating sacred geometry for about three years.  In simple words, can you introduce sacred geometry to our readers? 

Anthony Donaghue : Sacred Geometrycan be described as a belief system for those that study it, because a“religious” value is often attributed to the fundamental forms of space, time and matter. These patterns are necessary for all existence and are perceived as Sacred. The beauty is that by studying the nature of these forms and their relationships to each other, one may gain abundant insight into aesthetic, mystical, philosophical, psychological and scientific laws. Contemplation of one of these symbols is contemplation of the origin of all things. The Flower of Life is the pattern of creation, containing all fundamental forms of space, time and matter. 

Ramona: At the moment, you are working on a poetry book.  Let us know more about this new experience 

Anthony Donaghue : On 1/11/19 I released a 38-page poetry project called “Pieces to Peace”, Several “stories” written in rhyme and rhythm, a hundred or so poems from the pieces I used to recognize my peace in this place. I look forward to seeing what others think of this project. There are no rules, a lot of rhyme and very little reason, these poems are unique perspective shifting pieces. 

Ramona : For you life is art, and art is life.  What motivated you to become an artist?

Anthony Donaghue : I don’t believe that I had to become an artist, I know that I AM an artist.  Creation is a tool of transformation, Art IS, it can’t be defined, there are no specifics, What I mean is, everyone is an artist, but we tend to over define “art”, this creates a divide by making us feel like our art form is not so we suppress it, after years of suppression the emotions will find expression and if it’s focused, we create great things.

I didn’t become an artist, I shifted my focus from “I don’t have enough time and money” to “I have everything that I need to create something beautiful, all the time.”  I changed my goals to expression.

Ramona : What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Anthony Donaghue :  Illustrating geometric designs was my obsession for a while, over 1000 of them in 2 years, now I’m in love with tying up jewelry with hemp and paracord, it’s tons of fun.  Being an artist is the most fun, life is always changing and I’m always learning or creating something new, I’m working on a clothing line currently and it’s turning out better than I could have expected, God works miracles through artwork and it’s one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever witnessed. The responses are great and usually from the most unexpected sources, my most memorable response so far was a good friend paid me $2000… for a piece I quoted him $30. 

Ramona : How hard is it to establish and maintain a career in art?

Anthony Donaghue :  I don’t think it’s “hard” to establish and maintain a career in art but energy goes a long way, as you give energy to your art, you are giving energy to yourself.  If we want to stay inspired, we must give inspiration. 

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