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Get to know Graphic Designer Krzysztof Kudela Chris (Kudi-Design)

Krzysztof Kudela Chris (Kudi-Design) is from Poland.  He specializes into IT and his passion is graphic designing.  Nowadays he specializes more into book cover designing.  “I remember since I was young, I always used to play with graphic manipulations”, stated KRZYSZTOF KUDELA in his introduction to this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.

Ramona: At the moment you are specializing in professional and affordable book covers for private clients, but you also offer other custom graphics designs. Can you be more specific

Krzysztof:  Yes, banners, business cards, logos, and anything else you can design and photo manipulation.  Also creating websites, including my own website is done by myself.

Ramona: How long on average does it take you to finalize a book cover?

Krzysztof:  Depends, if custom or pre-made.  Sometimes good few hours, sometimes if a great day, one or two hours – talking about pre-mades, custom take much longer.

Ramona: You have designed several book covers. Any idea how many in total, and what’s the best part in doing so?

Krzysztof:  Total pre-mades and custom should be more than 600 now as far as I can remember.  Maybe even more.  Pre-made are easier, custom are much harder – depends what kind of vision the author has in mind.  But mostly clients are surprised – after a detailed conversation of what they need in their cover to be done, and cover looks like they said – this is the best part for me.

Ramona: What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?

Krzysztof:  Looking for good images to use, but hardest are custom covers.  Sometimes it takes days to contact with clients in other time zones, and changes in covers to create them in unique and one and only style.

Ramona: If you could tell your younger generation anything, what would it be?

Krzysztof:  Do what you love – love what you do.

Get in touch with Krzysztof Kudela Chris on:- HYPERLINK″& HYPERLINK″source_id=680260625503788

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