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Get to know author Kate Banco

Kate Banco lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband. She grew up on a dairy farm in Upstate, New York before leaving for Spain where she lived for four years. 

Travel, photography, gardening and writing are some of her interests. 
She recently retired from teaching Spanish, Reading and ESL and enjoys spending time with her granddaughter Clara.

Many days you will find Kate in a local coffee shop writing, editing or visiting with friends. She loves to hear from other writers and readers.

Ramona: Do you think someone could be a writer if they don’t feel emotions strongly? 

Kate Banco: My belief is anyone can be a writer if they sit down and put their mind to it, everyone has a story to tell. It doesn’t mean everyone will want to read it but we all have a story in us. 

Ramona: How long on average does it take you to write a book?

Kate Banco: My first book, Fish Camp, took about seven years because I didn’t focus on writing. I was a full-time teacher and kept adding to the story when I had time. I didn’t start the final writing session until I retired a year ago. Once retired I spent a few hours a day writing and editing. 

Ramona: How many books have you written so far?

Kate Banco: I have one completed and published. I have two others partially written. The sequel to Fish Camp is in the draft stage. 

Ramona: Let me know more about your latest book –  Fish Camp, A Young Girl’s Journey to Freedom 

Kate Banco: Fish camp’s target audience is Young Adult, probably more for teenage girls more than boys.  Teens who have made the journey across the border to the US may enjoy it because they may relate to some of the experiences.

When 17 year old Sara learns of her family’s death, she accepts the role of breadwinner by illegally crossing the US border to live with an unknown uncle. She needs to earn enough money to pay her coyote and help her Tía Elena survive. Her trip north is filled with adventure and new-found love. 

Ramona: How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

Kate Banco: The editing process is much more difficult than writing for me. I now realize it isn’t an easy process to edit, it is a lengthy process that requires many steps and lots of frustration because you want to be finished each time you edit. 

Ramona: What was an early experience where you learned that language had power? 

Kate Banco: Reading has always been easy for me. I learned to read at an early age and enjoyed finding books where I learned about foreign lands and people. Different characters and adventures helped me learn more about the world. 

Ramona: What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?

Kate Banco: Time is usually an issue for me. Trying to fit writing in to.  For me writing is a process that is an 24 hour cycle. You wake up with ideas you may get in to words or may make notes on, or you think about it as you go about your day. When I meet new people I stow away information about their description, personality and characteristics. I try to form a mental picture around how I would describe them in words. This happens while I’m driving, having coffee with friends and eating dinner. I don’t think a writer ever turns off the creative part of their brain, but finding time to fit the writing in to your day is the most difficult for me. 

Ramona: In your opinion, what’s the best way to market your books?

Kate Banco: Reviews and word of mouth are the best way to get your book read. My friends and family have helped market my books. My hope in the future is that I’ll learn more strategies to get my book out there. Classroom visits and library presentations also help. 

Ramona: What does literary success look like to you?

Kate Banco: Success for me is when someone tells me they enjoyed my book and they want to discuss it with me or others. That is the best feeling. 

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