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Get to know author Andrew Adams

Andrew Adams has a personal desire to break into the comic book industry with his comic series, Agents of D.E.M.O.

A lot of what he learned from producing scripts for stories came from attending a night class for comic writers held by Emma Beeby (Judge Dredd, Doctor Who) in the summer of 2017.  Andrew learnt how to write comic book scripts and started his comic series, Agents of D.E.M.O, after getting a creative team to do the heavy lifting of pencils, inks, colours, letters and more.  

He has been working on Agents of D.E.M.O since 2016 and has worked on characters and storyline to produce an action packed and comedic series that covers mythologies from all over the world. After working on the class and obtaining the creative team, he has been pitching to various comic companies with Agents of D.E.M.O #0, hoping to start it soon. 

Ramona: How long on average does it took you produce your book – Agents of D.E.M.O.?

Andrew Adams: Without delays, the scripts for at least five issues a week. 

Ramona: Can you tell us more about your action/fantasy series comic book – Agents of D.E.M.O.?

Andrew Adams: It covers the adventures of twelve Agents each with specific skills (Leader, Soldier, Sniper, Scout etc) as they travel the world safeguarding it from any mythical and mystical dangers with suave and style of James Bond, the energy of Ethan Hunt and the skills of Jason Bourne.

Ramona: How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

Andrew Adams: While I still have yet to get any work published, I have learned how to create a script that is professional and easy for my creative team to understand and put on paper.

Ramona: What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?

Andrew Adams: Writer’s block, at times it can get difficult to move the story along from one scene. Sometimes it’s best to think of different scenarios to help move it along.

Ramona: How do you think is the best way to market your book?

Andrew Adams: Advertise in groups on Facebook and Instagram where people can find them via hashtags.

Ramona: Include your author links, buy links, sales information, so I can add that in the interview.

Andrew Adams: Currently, I have no work online to buy, but I hope to change that in the future.

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