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Chrome Mountain by Ben Schneider

Chrome Mountain

A Novel by Ben Schneider

‘Chrome Mountain’ is a fiction, thriller and suspense story focusing and exploring one possible future – taking place in a modern society with hints of science fiction.

I found this story driven by the female protagonist, a page-turner but without the darker tactics of similar sci-fi thrillers. The characters of Chrome Mountain tell their stories with clean humour, no profanity, a lot of advice from God, and action–lots and lots of action.

Two persons find themselves forced to fight together for survival in author Ben Schneider’s Chrome Mountain. 

Chrome Mountain is an adventure novel about Trey (a scientist) and Sonya (a former outlaw) – two very different people being hunted for different reasons. When their paths cross, they soon end up with no one to rely on but each other. While the story mostly stresses action and humour, it also offers elements of romance, sci-fi, and piety.

To my impression, this science-fiction thriller is filled with incredible character development and military style action, the story of two people from very different worlds coming together inadvertently in a fight against powerful forces made for an engaging read.

Those readers really interested in biker gangs, terrorist organizations, futuristic tech and relatable protagonists will find this book a truly fun read to enjoy.

All in all, I found this book enjoyable.  The author Ben Schneider has made an effort to leave no loose ends in the story and has succeeded in doing so.  His writings are meant to be thrilling and funny, but not to be taken too seriously. What he writes most are adventure stories.  The book is well-written with excellent descriptions too.

As soon I sat down to start reading this book, and from the first page, I already got hooked to the story.  It starts with a strong and admirable female lead. Even though there are two main characters, essentially Trey is the lead character.

Infact Ben Schneider created an interesting plot that keeps the reader wanting to continue with all the action and suspense that is happening and not having the readers feel overwhelmed.

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