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Real Life African Adventures by Zararia Yul

Real Life African Adventures by Zararia Yul is a book collection of true life short stories, visiting deep into the African bush, where no feet have ever been.  

In the middle of nowhere – the crickets were deadly silent and you could feel eyes upon you…eerie….chilling…. scary….weird….very unsettling and then the sound that sends chills running down your spine, sweat popping out of your cells, as they heart goes into overdrive with adrenaline pumping like crazy….the roar….the lion roar….right next to the camp…the king of the jungle has spoken. 

The Kafue game reserve where my father suddenly tells me “sit completely still and do not move a muscle” everyone else has also turned into statues as a black mamba comes slithering from under my chair. 

The Kafue River – suddenly a tremendous bang and I go flying through the air….how I landed in the water I have no idea….I was some metre away from the boat in a crocodile infested river, paralysed with fear. I lay like a dead log awaiting my fate, everything about me was paralysed, sending waves of raw terror through me. 

Many more amazing journeys into the African wild to entice and delight. 

A great enjoyable book.  For all ages to vanish into for a little escape from the daily humdrum. 

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