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Get to know International Best-Selling author Audrye S. Arbe

Audrye S. Arbe is a #1 International Best-Selling author, cosmic being, diversity expert and awareness awakener, as well as an award-winning author, artist, TV producer-host and speaker.

She has lived multiculturally, multiracially, multidimensionally.  Dynamic, inspiring and inviting, Audrye galvanizes audience participation with tender as well as hot controversial topics.  She has been called a ‘mystique’ for her unique blend of meditative calm and exuberant vibrancy.

Ramona: Being you’re a multi-talented human, do you view writing as a kind of spiritual practice?

Audrye S. Arbe:Yes, it often is and can be.  When I’m writing a book, blog, website, seminar, I first lift my energy, ask to be guided, close my eyes, tune it, then, after opening my eyes, I start to write.  The writing often pours out.  If I have to think, use the logical “thinking” part of my brain and being, the writing is not the same.  I write what I feel will uplift others.  True, sometimes on FB or other media, I write what I feel has to be said, and do so in the most centered way as possible.

Writing is, for me, a spiritual as well as earth practice.  My new online course, MORPHing Into the Magic of Self Love (Soul Essence Self & ego personality self) is an amalgam of my spiritual components coupled with practical steps for all the participants.

Ramona: How long on average does it take you to write a book?

Audrye S. Arbe:There is no average.  My first book, THE MOTHER’S MANUAL, A Spiritual and Practical Guide to Child Rearing and Motherhood (TMM), is also my longest.  As I was raising my daughter, the book was actually being written within me by my being a mom.  As a little girl growing up, I was also internally keeping tabs on what I would have liked to see changed in the mothering I experienced and what I saw around me.

As I wrote the book, I put every exercise, process, wisdom that came out of me into the book.  I also included vegetarian recipes, as well as full-colour Audrye OmArt: Art That Opens the Heart.

Being a mixture of transformation catalyst, diversity expert, cosmic being, artist, writer, healer, my book had to reflect all this.  I wanted people to be drawn to this book, be inspired by it, and take actions to shift themselves, and, absolutely, be the best mom (or dad) possible.

I found the wonderful Mariella Castillo to be my graphic designer, plus a couple of editors to cut the extra wordage.

Because this book is so comprehensive, at the suggestion of others, I made this book into 20 smaller books, while also keeping the full book.

This process took a few years.

With WHAT IF? You Are and Life Is Miraculous!, ABC, Affirmation, Art Coloring Book, I had done the art some years earlier, when I was playing around with and experimenting in my lokta paper notebook.  These drawings were so cute, I kept them, knowing they would be used in some way in the future.

After TMM came out, and I could take a few breaths, I asked myself what the next area was for me to bring forth.  As my premise is that everything starts at home, hence THE MOTHER’S MANUAL, I also wanted to address children.  So, I had an inspiration that I could do an ABC book with Audrye OmArt: Art That Opens the Heart, as I had two notebooks filled with adorable art.  So, WHAT IF? was born.   This took less time to write, as the art for each letter was already done. 

I found another extraordinary graphic designer, Yvette Wasserman, to design the book! 

Because I am an Earth Saver, I only print on 100 percent post-consumer paper.  If too expensive – which it is! – I publish on Kindle or PDF.  I found a good publisher, recommended by Candi Parker, and brought out WHAT IF!  Writing this book was lots of fun, much quicker than TMM, had no editor, and, when designed, we were out within about two years. honored GoddessHeart, my organization and the publisher of my books, with their highest commendation, the Gold Award for being an Environmentally Responsible Publisher.

VIM VIGOR VITALITY VEGAN! Plus Enagic Kangen Water Specialties (VVVV) came about because I create recipes constantly and was posting some of them in a previous website.  My webmistress at the time, Tanya Schupp, suggested I make a book out of these recipes.  Being me, I had to have it look good, so I found a wonderful graphic designer, Andrea von Bujdoss, who beautifully designed VVVV.  

When I started VVVV, I was already a long time vegetarian, flirting with becoming a raw vegan.  By the time the book was ready, I was mostly raw vegan, having studied with Dr. Brenda Cobb at her Living Foods Institute.  People urged me to include the cooked recipes, even though I now eat differently.  I always have new recipes.

From start to publication as a PDF, this book also took maybe two years.

My latest book, RAISING RACE CONSCIOUSNESS, Healing Racism, Sexism and Other Isms (RRC), encompassed material from a seminar I had done previously, plus all my thoughts on these issues.  I interviewed seven people, pulled material from the news, and had only one piece of art at the end of the book that people can colour. 

RAISING RACE CONSCIOUSNESS became a #1 International Kindle Best-Seller, making me a Best-Selling Author.  Thank you to my marketer, Tamara “Tami” Patzer!

My budget for a graphic artist was nil, so I did the layout myself.  Though not a graphic designer, I had done what I call simple layout on magazines, so I did that for RRC. Since I am also an artist and clairvoyant, I can get the “feel” and vibration of what I want.

RRC was written and published, both as Kindle and PDF within two years.  In 2018, I did my first series of RRC Seminars.

RRC is filled with wisdom, truth, humor, a living seminar, self-questing, metaphysics, a dose of reality, plus extraordinary possibilities for self-growth for the reader.

Ramona: You have written several books. What is your latest one that you are working on?

Audrye S. Arbe:I have two more books to write that I know of.  I know their titles, and would prefer to wait before I divulge them.

Meanwhile, I am debuting my first online digital course, MORPH Into the Magic of Sself Love (Soul Essence Self & ego personality self).  This is slated to debut in 2019.  People can register now and get a super special fee, with FREE BONUS!  I am open to tech people to help me format the way to deliver my MORPH Course to Registrants.  Definitely contact me at 561.717.9965 or 1.888.757.3223.  Email [email protected]

Ramona: Can you name all your books one by one

Audrye S. Arbe:Definitely.  From most recent to the first book:

RAISING RACE CONSCIOUSNESS, Healing Racism, Sexism and Other Isms  (RRC)

VIM VIGOR VITALITY VEGAN! Plus Enagic Kangen Water Specialties (VVVV)

WHAT IF? You Are and Life Is Miraculous!, ABC, Affirmation, Art Coloring Book (WHAT IF?)

THE MOTHER’S MANUAL, A Spiritual and Practical Guide to Child Rearing and Motherhood (TMM)  This book has 20 smaller books that were birthed from this major one.  This book comes with a Guarantee:  Read the entire book, do two or more of its Exercises or Processes, and you will evolve.  I guarantee it.

Ramona: Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Audrye S. Arbe:Keeping my writing as concise as possible can be a challenge.  I want to be sure people of all mentalities and levels of consciousness will understand what they are reading, so I break everything down to be clearly understood.  Not everyone needs this breakdown, though many do. 

Sitting down to actually do the writing can be a challenge.  Once I sit and start, I am on a roll.  Sometimes I get so involved, I can lose track of other things occurring around me.

Getting attached to some of the words can be a challenge.  Words – writing – is  a form of artistry for me. 

Getting finished can be challenging, as there is always more to do.  No matter how many times I have reread the book, whichever one it may be, or had an editor, I can find errors in the completed released book.  Ah, well.

Ramona: What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?

Audrye S. Arbe:What can be difficult for me is organizing everything.  I have plenty of ideas. Putting these ideas down in a coherent manner, connecting them to a greater picture, making it understandable to readers, keeping it concise for most people’s attention spans, all can be a challenge.  I get enchanted with the beauty of language, its nuances, the texture of words, people’s hearts.  All get involved.  I write from my heart and soul.  The words can really flow.  I don’t necessarily prefer doing “bullet” points and outlines, though I certainly can, and, when important, I do so.

Allowing the book, as I said before, to be finished, is a process.  I like transformation, beauty, brilliance, MORPHing, with ease and grace.  Making a difference, enhancing people’s consciousness, healing our past whatever, and protecting our planet, all come into play.

Ramona: What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?

Audrye S. Arbe:I write about areas of life in which I have a passionate interest and which I feel are important for people.  Usually, I already have knowledge and wisdom in this area.  That said, I definitely also do research.  The internet is invaluable, as are people who are experts in any particular field.  I also interview folks.

A born mystic intuitive, I am shown and have been given wisdom since I was a child.  I rely on that wisdom and Guidance in my books and in everything I do.  My Guides and SOURCE have kept me healthy and moving forward, even when my ego-personality may have wanted to stop.  I am also Guided when to rest, take a pause, stop, go internal, and let go of the world. 

There are Wisdom Teachings that I must learn, and I do my best to do so.  Then, I can share and teach.  I am, as are my clients, a product of the Teachings, which are plentiful throughout my books.

For my first book, THE MOTHER’S MANUAL (TMM), I drew on my own upbringing, mothering my daughter, countless clients and their lives (without mentioning anyone personally), and the knowledge of mentors, clients, friends, experts, the world.  I acknowledge every person from whom I learned anything or who helped me in any way in raising my daughter.  I became an inadvertent single mom; I know what that’s like.  TMM has a huge Acknowledgments section.

For TMM, I also asked people what they would like to see included in the book.  Usually, I had already touched upon their ideas.  If these ideas were new concepts to me, I certainly included the ideas, and acknowledged the person who suggested it in the first place.

For VIM VIGOR VITALITY VEGAN (VVVV)!, I live a vegetarian lifestyle (45 years and counting), now mostly raw vegan (11 years and counting).  I drew on my own life, plus my studying with Dr. Brenda Cobb, founder/president of the Living Foods Institute, as well as my other teachers, including Aris LaTham and Cher Carden.  Certainly, I acknowledge Peter Cervoni and Echo.

I had people taste a number of my recipes, with great responses!  Yay!

For WHAT IF? You Are and Life is Miraculous!, ABC, Affirmation, Art Coloring Book, I used art I had previously joyously created.  This was the perfect venue for it!  So absolutely cute!  Since I love kids, raised one, taught others, and have grandchildren, I have a really great idea of what appeals to kids of many cultures, colorations, backgrounds, and the like.  As well, I get Guidance.  Therein came some of the very interesting words used in the ABC part of WHAT IF? 

Yes, I also made up words, which gives kids and others permission to use their creativity in their lives.  Earlier on in my life, had to awaken my own creativity. 

Research?  All the above. 

In terms of what kind of paper to use, I called many printers with THE MOTHER’S MANUAL, certainly all the print-on-demand (POD) companies, none of which used the kind of ecological paper I prefer.  I found and still find this to be disappointing and disconcerting.

Regarding RAISING RACE CONSCIOUSNESS (RRC), life taught me.  I have ever been a keen observer of life and our species.  As a little kid, I practically absorbed knowledge of how people behave, think, act, which I assessed as sometimes amazing, sometimes atrocious.  I used all this. 

Plus, I have lived a multicultural, multiracial, multi-whatnot life for over 50 years.  I am the conscious mother of a biracial daughter.  I have always thought for myself, without acceding to whatever mainstream conditioning may have been running rampant at any given moment.  I am born this way.  Also, I have been MORPHing since I was a child.  I am ever willing to evolve, a great way to be!

For research, there’s the Internet, any number of groups in any arena, whether pertaining to racism, sexism, genderism, ageism, religionism, cultureism.  The news is rife with information.  The lies people tell themselves and others are to me often like the Emperor’s New Clothes: nakedness.  I go to meetings, participate with people, know people of many persuasions.

I was born in Brooklyn, moved when eight to Long Island, when to college in upstate NYS, then moved to the city, Manhattan, soon after my first teaching gig.  I lived in the city all my adult life.  This, alone, if one allows her/himself to get to know people, is a condensed world within a world.  I availed myself of that benefit.  Now, I live in Florida, which, in some ways, is another planet from NYC.  Floridians, too, can be on the cutting edge of evolution. 

At the time I went to college, I was shocked at how, to me, unaware some of the students were, as well as some of the general mentality. NYC and upstate NY were different.

On a purely academic level, I tutored some of the girls on my dorm floor in English, as they didn’t know grammar, spelling and the like.  They told me I taught them more in a couple of weeks than they had learned throughout their years in high school.  Was I appalled?  Yes!  I never charged them any money, as I never considered the possibility.  I simply wanted to help them at something I am good at.

Ramona: How long does any of this research take? 

Audrye S. Arbe:Smile.  I can say a lifetime.  Research is ongoing.  Because I write about what I love, I usually already have information.  I can take a few months, however, to hone whatever I may think I know, knowing I only know a bit of whatever there is to know.  To think otherwise would be such hubris on my part!  So incorrect, too! On the other hand, I also have a unique approach, as I go in from a holistic metaphysical viewpoint, as I perceive and experience the world from this perspective.

Ramona: What does literary success look like to you?

Audrye S. Arbe:To me, literary success would be my books selling in the millions, being in schools, on laptops, the world over.  Having my books translated into at least 11 languages so people the world over can read, enjoy, and benefit from them.  Literary success would also entail people evolving, attending my seminars and courses, shifting the face of this Earth.

Further, success would have me being interviewed on the Internet – thank you, Ramona! — TV, radio, locally and globally.   Traveling worldwide, reading passages from my books, doing seminars, participating in people’s ongoing MORPHing, my new word, meaning transforming, growing, evolving, gliding into their/our next level of consciousness and being, is part of the picture. 

The disappearance of poor parenting and the various “isms,” more people being vegans and healthy, happy kids, with people attributing at least some of this to my books would be tangible evidence of success for me.  Meanwhile, every step if an aspect of success.

Literary success would have me be fully financially prosperous, living in one or more homes, helping everyone I choose to, contributing to all the organizations doing great work on this planet.

I would be on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday show, and many others with great people.

My clients already laud me.  Global transformation, cessation or slowing of climate change, ending of obesity and other addictions, all this contribute to what I call literary success.

Yes, from an ego standpoint, I would love to win more awards, though this is not why I write or do what I do.  This is simply a way to measure, using external devices.  Every time someone evolved from anything I have done or contributed to, is a measure of true success for me.

The best place to see Audrye S. Arbe books, download your FREE SAMPLERs, and buy them are at  Click on Books!  There you are!  Find her on Amazon and Kindle. 

Audrye S. Arbe can be reached at [email protected]   Put in the Subject Line who you are and why you are contacting her as she gets plenty of emails.

Call and/or leave a message at 561.717.9965 and 1.888.757.3223.

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