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Get to know author Louise Dawn

Louise Dawn is a writer of Adult Romantic Suspense. At the moment, she is writing an 18+ Military Romance Series called the Mobile Intelligence Team series.

The Mobile Intelligence Series features a four-person black ops unit—part of a larger task force called Mobile Intelligence Team.  The task force is divided into six (four-person) teams assigned to hot spots around the globe.  Their primary objective is the precision targeting of high-value targets. Mobile Intelligence Team: Two (MIT2) is the hunting pack featured in the series, and their focus is the Central and East African region. These men are ghosts—lethal operators—who stop emerging radical regimes from taking over vulnerable regions.

The types of books that Louise writes are fast paced and packed with action. The energy is a mix of Jason Bourne, James Bond, and Indiana Jones. There’s also a ton of romance included.  She enjoys the genre, as she has many friends and family members that have served in the military and law enforcement, she tries to do them justice.

“I can’t promise that I will always stick with the same genre, but for now, I’m enjoying the journey.  My next series could involve a group of Mobile Security Deployment Agents based in embassies around the globe”, stated Louise Dawn in her introduction to this interview with Ramona Portelli.

Ramona: Tell me more about your latest book and mention Malta’s connection in this book

Louise Dawn: Fire in the Knight is book three of the Mobile Intelligence Series. It starts in Wyoming; Charlotte Quinn’s father passes away, and the small-town girl wants to escape – needing time to mourn. Taking a break from running their Wyoming farm, Charlotte (who’s also a fire dancer) travels to Malta and Morocco with her dance group. She meets a mysterious man in Valletta called Ruzar Comino.

When an assault in Gozo leaves her injured and scared, she turns to one of the MIT2 men. Dave Donnie Wilson is a fierce-looking family friend who seems to despise her, but when he hears of the attack, Donnie races to her side. With a ruthless assassin and hired killers chasing them across Morocco, will Donnie be able to exfil her to safety in time? And will the lethal MIT2 analyst be able to preserve the walls around his weary heart?

I wanted to set one of my books in Malta as I have visited the Republic of Malta numerous times. It’s a breath-taking and exciting setting for a book. A handful of readers that have already read selected passages before the upcoming release have all expressed a fascination and interest in Malta as a backdrop.

I hope to do justice to the incredible archipelago of islands in this book. I wish I could mention all the attractions Malta has to offer, but I’ve selected a good few dramatic backdrops.

Ramona: What was the most challenging aspect of writing?

Louise Dawn: For me, it’s getting the books to the readers. Marketing is harder than the actual writing. The writing side of it is cathartic for me. I love tapping out that first draft and I enjoy the editing aspect. My characters clutter up my head, wanting their stories told.

Ramona: Being you’re an international romantic suspense author, and writes dark tales charged with scorching romance and gritty action, what exactly motivated you to become an author?

Louise Dawn: I’ve lived a nomadic life in Southern Africa, the Middle East, Europe and now the United States. I’ve also travelled to most countries. I have a burning curiosity and a fascination with other cultures and climates.

I’ve sadly seen and experienced a lot of violence in a few of the dangerous cities that I’ve lived and I wanted to bring an international flavour to my novels. I’m not a fluffy writer. Based on what I’ve lived and seen, many of the stories I tell, are linked to reality. Research is essential, and I take it seriously. I’ve sat with members of the Special Forces community, and I never stop reading/listening to accounts and biographies. 

Ramona: What brought you to write your books?

Louise Dawn: I’ve always written in private journals, but never thought I’d be an author.  I worked through a Fine Arts degree at university, and I’m a corporate trainer/graphic designer.

Abigail Evans and Max Andersen’s story in “Siren in the Wind,” begged to be told. I began formulating the plot six years before I wrote the novel. One day, as I swam at the gym, I spotted a hooded man running on a treadmill in a dark corner. I thought it would be interesting if he were a covert agent following a woman who swam below. I began asking questions. Who was the mysterious swimmer and why was this man watching her? The story unfolded from those two questions. I wrote around twenty thousand words but stopped and started. Then one day I reached out to a well-known author in my field, and she encouraged me to take it seriously. I joined a local writing club in my community, and thanks to their encouragement, I finished the book within four months.

Ramona: How many books have you written so far? List and name them all here

Louise Dawn: I’m finishing book three. I’m hoping to have four full novels and one novella complete by July 2019. On the side, I’m also working on a planner/ diary for women (with a workshop series) called The Viktress Diaries. I also work full time as a corporate trainer, so I have a busy year ahead.

Here are my books:

Siren in the Wind

Book One of the Mobile Intelligence Series. (Available at all major retailers)

Stain on the Earth

Book Two of the Mobile Intelligence Series. (Available at all major retailers)

Fire in the Knight

Book Three of the Mobile Intelligence Series. (Available on January 18th at all major retailers)

Ramona: What is your advice for aspiring writers?

Louise Dawn: Write for yourself and write the type of book that you would love to read. Keep writing and producing. Your craft improves with every book. Reading your work aloud is essential. Oh, and the Voice Dream Reader app makes a world of difference when it comes to editing.

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Siren in the Wind

Book One of the Mobile Intelligence Team Series

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Stain on the Earth

Book Two of the Mobile Intelligence Team Series

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Fire in the Knight

Book Three of the Mobile Intelligence Team Series is scheduled for release on January 18th, 2019

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