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Get to know author Lisa L. Byrd

Lisa L Byrd is an author and her new book is called “Tailor- Made. “  Her book is a cross between inspirational and spiritual.  “Often times we believe that our lives won’t get any better because of past mistakes, addictions, abuse, or just plain bad luck.  My book dispels these lies while revealing one’s true identity.  The identity that God has already prestined for all.  It’s a life filled with love and prosperity. I could go own.”, stated LISA L. BYRD in her introduction to this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.

Currently resides in Cottondale, Al.  Married and a mother of three daughters.  She has a Bachelor Degree in Management, Grad Certificate in Non-profit Management, Masters Degree Public Administration.  Works for the State of Alabama/Department of Mental Health in Management.  She is a member of Washington Temple COGIC and serves as youth director and on pastor aid.  As for her leisure time she spends it reading, writing, cheering on favourite teams and occasional travel. 

Her book is in the following format: paperback, eBook, and iTunes. At this time, they can only be purchased online at Barnes and Nobles, and Amazon.  More information can be found online on the following direct links: –

Also watch book trailer on

Ramona: Tell me more about your latest book

Lisa L. Byrd: I often say that my book “Tailor – Made” was orchestrated by God, because he literally spoke to my spirit during the entire two-year process about what to say and not to say in this book. The main concepts I want everyone to take from this book are: God is love, and he illustrated that love on the cross, in order to give us the very best life.

Faith/belief is the key to getting our hearts desire. And lastly when all hope is gone, we must continue to hope against hope, because God’s time is not our time. But he will always deliver right on time. 

Ramona: Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Lisa L. Byrd:  Just like in life, challenges will always present itself, and for authors there’s no difference. I had to deals with writer’s block in the worst way. I had periods of time where I would hear nothing from God. So much so that I doubted whether I was supposed to write this book. But all that really mattered was I kept the faith, continued to get my pad and paper out to write down any thoughts I would have, and continued to have the patience to wait and remain focused. When you do those things, you will eventually get the results you seek after.

Ramona: What motivated you to become an author?

Lisa L. Byrd: I have always been intrigued by a good story. I started out at an early age being an avid reader. I use to always escape my life through books. Also, as a young girl, for fun I would right short plays, songs and stories with happy endings just to past time. This would eventually set the stage for me wanting to see the best in people and cheering for everybody to win.

Ramona: What brought you to write this book?

Lisa L. Byrd: I would say seeing all the chaos, political unrest, suicides, and all the catastrophic things happening in the world. I felt like people needed to have hope, and understand that God is still here. He wants us to start back to leaning and depending on him. He can put a stop to all the destruction in this world, but we must first stop and acknowledge him and the fact that we need him.

Ramona: How many books have you written so far?

Lisa L. Byrd: As you know, I am a new author with only one book published so far, and working on two more novels.

Ramona: What book or books have had a strong influence on you or your writing?

Lisa L. Byrd:  Inspirational books, and biographies are more my cup of tea. When I was younger, romantic novels were kind of my thing too. The one book that has had the most impact on my life is the Bible. It has the answers to all of life’s problems for today and tomorrow. It’s the navigation tool and road map to life, if people would just adhere to it.  I am a recipient of that, I know it works.

Ramona: How hard is it to establish and maintain a career in fiction writing?

Lisa L. Byrd: Anything worth having is worth fighting for. With that being said, I am often faced with obstacles when it comes to writing. What I’ve come to learn is starting is the hardest part in writing. That’s because it seems like I can never find the time to write. I have a full-time career working 9 to 5, raising a family, and other obligation. However, once I take the initiative to start, the rest of my writing juices get to flowing, and then I’m in business. People tend to find a way to do the things that are important to them.

Lisa L. Byrd can be contacted directly on:-

Instagram @theelisalucybyrd

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