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Get to know author Ben Schneider

Ben Schneider was born in Oklahoma. In 2003, he earned a B.A. in Graphic Design at Oklahoma University, married his fiancée, and joined the Air Force.

Ben and his wife, Suzy, have been stationed in Italy, Okinawa, and Alaska.  Aside from writing fiction, Ben’s other interests include drawing cartoons – primarily his Airman Artless comic strips.  Chrome Mountain is his debut novel.

Ramona: How would you describe your writings and what do you like to write most?

Ben Schneider: “My writings are meant to be thrilling and funny, but not to be taken too seriously. What I write most is adventure stories.”

Ramona: Tell me more about your latest book

Ben Schneider: “Chrome Mountain is an adventure novel about Trey (a scientist) and Sonya (a former outlaw) – two very different people being hunted for different reasons. When their paths cross, they soon end up with no one to rely on but each other. While the story mostly stresses action and humor, it also offers elements of romance, sci-fi, and piety.”

Ramona: What exactly motivated you to become an author?

Ben Schneider: “The belief that my imagination has things to offer that the world would enjoy. Also, the more I write, the better I understand myself.”

Ramona: What challenges do you think are faced by authors like you, and what’s the worst thing about the book industry according to you?

Ben Schneider: “Challenges include marketing and finding the best words to convey ideas. The worst thing about the book industry in my opinion is it allows many well-known authors to stress quantity over quality.”

Ramona: What do you think makes a book sell, or makes a reader buy it?

Ben Schneider: “If the synopsis is strategically worded to make a reader curious, it will sell.”

Ramona: List and name all your books here

Ben Schneider: Airman Artless, Too Fool for Cool, Chrome Mountain, Realm Journey – coming soon

Ramona: Apart from writing, what goals do you want to achieve in life?

Ben Schneider: “I would like to do a stand-up comedy routine for a large audience.”

Ramona: What would you say to other budding writers/authors about pursuing this interest?

Ben Schneider: “Make your characters likeable and give them strong reasons for everything they do.”

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