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Get to know author Allan J. Lewis

Allan J Lewis was born in South Wales UK, where he worked as a coal miner; he is married with two children and two grandchildren. Allan didn’t start writing until late in life and now he has five books out, four in the “Joe the Magic Man Series” a Mystery/Thriller and an Erotica/Romance/Adventure that is the first in what Allan is planning to be a series called, “Joe’s Forbidden Dreams”. He enjoyed the adventure novels of Wilbur Smith and the works of James Patterson and Lee Child.

Ramona: How would you describe your writings and what do you like to write most?

Allan J. Lewis:  I am not sure how I would describe my writing; I guess I would say that I don’t drag the story out by taking a whole page to describe a scene when a few lines would get straight to the point. I like to keep the story going at a fast pace. I like writing thrillers and I intended for “Get out Of My Dreams” to be a Psychological Thriller with Joe the magic Man using his gift of dream stalking criminals, to help the FBI to fight crime. But of course someone with Joe’s gift could use his gift in so many other ways, so I added a couple of subplots where Joe gets into dreams of young women and takes them on a sexual adventure, to make him a bad boy and make his character more believable. When I started out I had no intention of bringing sex into the story, but I am glad I did, some readers enjoyed Joe’s nightly adventures and suggested I do in spin-off about Joe’s “Forbidden Dreams” and I wrote an Erotic Romance “Tale of the Inn Keeper’s Niece” So I have learned to go with the flow. 

Ramona: Tell me more about your latest book

Allan J. Lewis:  Book 4 in the series is called SERIAL KILLERS INCORPORATED. There have been so many true stories of late where young girls have been held prisoner for years as a sex slave, so I thought I would write a story where the FBI would ask for Joe’s help to catch a gang of killers. Here is the synopsis of Book 4  

Somewhere in the north-east of America, there is a serial killer on the loose, he abducts young women and keeps them as his sex slaves for a few months, before he shares them with his associate. They then kill the girls and leave them wrapped tidily in a blanket to be found the next day.

The FBI believes the killer has murdered over forty women going back some twenty years because of the same MO, and they call him the Blanket Killer. 

When an eighteen-year-old girl, Natalie Lowe is abducted the FBI thinks it might be the killer’s latest victim, and they are eager to catch him before he tires of the girl and kills her and then moves on to his next victim.

Frank Brubaker the Deputy Director of the FBI decides to use his new weapon to try and catch the killer. He has formed a secret task force of just two FBI Special Agents to work with two civilians, who are, the elusive crime fighter also known as Joe the Magic Man, who keeps his true identity a secret, even from his close associate Alice Timberlake a free-lance journalist. Joe has a special gift; he can get into people’s minds and then into their dreams at night, where he can hypnotize them and once they are under his spell he can get them to tell him their innermost secrets, and they can’t lie to him. That’s exactly what the FBI wants Joe to do for them, get into criminals minds and have them spill the beans.
Can Joe and his team catch the killers before they kill Natalie?

Ramona: What was the most challenging aspect of writing?

Allan J. Lewis:  My biggest challenge is my poor education, I left school when I was fourteen and I started work as a coal miner on my fifteenth birthday. But I didn’t let that hold me back, I had so many stories I wanted to write. And a lot later in 1991 just after Iraq invaded Kuwait I wrote a story about an assassin working for the American Government that had to silence those that spoke out against the war. But I could not get it published back then, who knows I might go back to that manuscript and update it one day. I started writing as a pastime to get the stories I had in my head on to the computer. I wrote a few more stories on my computer and done nothing with them after the first disappointment, and then I wrote: “Get out of My Dreams” and thought it was my best work so far. My son Tony read it and said, ‘Dad, this story is awesome and you have got to get it out there.’ So I did and I am pleased with the 44 reviews I have had so far. 

What exactly motivated you to become an author?

My family, they knew I was a little lost when I retired so they encouraged me to keep writing. My wife Eirlys might be sorry now because I spend more time in my writing den with my laptop than I do with her.

Ramona: You started writing late in life and now you have four books out.  Did you ever wish you started earlier?

Allan J. Lewis:  When I was about thirteen my English teacher told the class that we had to write an essay over our summer holidays, and it didn’t have to be of true events we could write an imaginary holiday. Of course, my holiday had to be an adventure, I wrote about four pages of me being kidnapped and how I escaped. After the teacher marks them he held my essay up and said. ‘Allan will not win any prizes for his spelling, but he has written a very imaginative story. That was the only praise I had off my English teacher. That was back in 1952 when there were no computers that I could use for spellchecking and grammar, so I think starting earlier would have been out of the question, although I had loads of stories running around in my head, and now I am trying to make up for lost time as I am working on two more books that should be out early in 2019.

Ramona: What brought you to write all your books?

Allan J. Lewis:  As I have said, I have loads of stories I want to write and having a crime series like “Joe the Magic Man” hopefully I will keep the series going. And I have another Adult Romance coming in the series of “Joe’s Forbidden Dreams” Those stories in my head are escaping slowly.

Ramona: List and name all your books here

In the series of Joe the Magic Man


In the series of Joe’s Forbidden Dreams: TALE OF THE INN KEEPER’S NIECE Coming Soon TALE OF THE ABDUCTED PRINCESS and also coming soon TALE OF THE SPIRT OF ELVES WOODS.

Ramona: What would you say to other budding writers/authors about pursuing this interest?

Allan J. Lewis:  The hardest part of being an author is selling your books, don’t let the book marketing side of the business put you off, so keep chasing your dream.

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