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The Missing Naughty List is a children’s book written by D.L. Johnson.  This book is the first of a series of lessons used to teach kids to be nice to not only others through sharing, but also to everyone they might meet in their lives. This first lesson will teach them that sharing is the right thing to do and is a great way to make new friends and interact with peers.

The story consists about a Halloween Witch which has put together a team of naughties to steal the list and encourage kids on the list to continue to do naughty things.  Santa put together his own team the goodies to stop them and try to get the kids on naughty list to make good list before Christmas. 

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About the author

D.L. Johnson realized his passion for writing at Anderson Middle School New Iberia, LA  when his English teacher Ms Ozenne introduced him to a short story The Tell-tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe.  As an author, D.L. Johnson doesn’t really have a specific preference in genres of writing.  He writes what he feels at that moment, but enjoys mostly children’s books, especially the one that teaches positive lifestyles.

The Missing Naughty List is just one of the children’s books he decided to write because it consists of all the holiday characters kids. 

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