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Mr Moon and the Stars Whispering Night Night

Written by Pamela Brabham, Mr Moon and the Stars Whispering Night Night, is a sweet bedtime story about a little girl, named Cadence, who is reluctant to go to sleep.  Even though it takes some encouragement, she is eventually convinced that everything will be all right.

Beautifully illustrated with 22 vibrant full page illustrations, this picture book sets the mood for the perfect bedtime story.  A soft rhythmic rhyme, that will lull even the fussiest listener to sleep.  Charming in every way, this bedtime story can be enjoyed by all ages, even grown- ups.

Author Pamela Brabham is a Mother, Grandmother, Photographer and full-time Traveller. Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, she is presently living and travelling in Southeast Asia.  Even though the United States is where she is from, she now calls home where her heart is.

She loves to travel and share all her experiences through her photography. She has always been passionate about storytelling, especially through pictures.  Amazed and impressed how it can influence people’s lives, especially children, she was inspired to write Mr. Moon and the Stars Whispering Night Night.

Her first Children’s Picture Book is truly a book written from the heart. A bedtime story dedicated to her Granddaughter Cadence and all the children reluctant to go to sleep.

More information about the book – Mr Moon and the Stars Whispering Night Night and author Pamela Brabham on  

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