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Coralie The Cotton Candy Angel: Learning about trusting strangers

Coralie The Cotton Candy Angel: Learning about trusting strangers is a children’s book written and illustrated by Julie Hanson.  This book has a delightful story which teaches children to be responsible, follow the rules and never trust strangers. 

The book’s story is about Coralie – a little angel who doesn’t like rules and creates chaos while trying to earn her wings.  One day she looks down from heaven and sees her best friend trusting a stranger.  Now taking her role as an angel seriously, Coralie prays for help and Deezle Dove, the Sky Traveler arrives.  In no time she puts a plan into action but finds it more difficult than she thought.  On her journey to save her friend Coralie learns valuable lessons while trying to send a message from heaven.  It will be a favourite of children everywhere.

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About the author:-

Julie Hanson is an author and illustrator of children’s books. As a kid her most enjoyable past time was picking up a pencil and doodling. She loves to create! She was a crafter for many years before she started her writing career. She used her artwork in some of her designs and sold them in a shop in her hometown of Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Cedarburg is a quaint town frequented by tourists and known for its local artists, shops and festivals.

Then in her late fifties she took a strong interest in writing for children. This has been her dream for years. She had images in her mind of what her characters should look like so she decided to illustrate her books as well. Julie feels that sparking a child’s imagination helps them grow. Her characters are unique and she loves bringing them to life.

Julie lives with her husband in Grafton, only minutes from her hometown. She has two sons, three grandchildren and a grandson who is her guardian angel. When she’s not working on her books, she’s either spending time with family or in the garden.

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