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Bedtime for Annsley  is a children’s book written by Lois Lunsford.  This picture book is a cute bedtime story for ages 3-5.

Annsley is cute, really cute. For mom and dad, their boo, as she’s lovingly known, is a life-giving, precious gift from God. Annsley masterfully tames their home with her charm and wit. They wake up to it in the morning and go to bed with it at night. Bedtime is not an easy chore for Annsley’s family.

Annsley won’t go to sleep, she needs everything just right before she will get into bed and relax. Mom tries her hardest to make Annsley happy and she finally does after a tiring evening.  Annsley is happy; mom is exhausted.  

About the author

Lois Lunsford is a retired pre-k and K teacher, she has always dreamed of being an author for children. Reading is a love that takes her back to her childhood and creating children’s books now is a way for her to give back.

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