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ABC Treasure Hunt Book by Brandon Covington

Experience a new approach to teaching your child the Alphabet, with this new children’s book – My ABC Treasure Hunt by Brandon Covington.

My ABC Treasure Hunt Book isn’t your average alphabet book. In this book the author takes the alphabet and pair them with a different country around the world.  He then takes an animal that’s native to or very close to that country that also starts with that letter of the alphabet.

Peter and Christopher take their little sister Elizabeth on a treasure hunt to find her Alphabet.  Each country then arrive to the animal helps them find that letter and points them in the direction of the next letter of the alphabet.  The author has also took each animal and made them into their own character and made bookmarks, stickers, colouring books, posters and more all at 

Author Brandon Covington being a single father of two beautiful nine year old daughters and  just wanted to give them more – wanted to be able to spend more time with them – get them off the school bus and simply be able to do more with them.  So he not only wrote the book, but started a company behind it.

From My ABC Treasure Hunt online store you can purchase the children’s book, My ABC Treasure Hunt, along with bookmarks, colouring books, stickers and more. More information can be obtained directly from 

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