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RAMONA PORTELLI speaks with Anthony Kale (Camilleri)

As a teenager, Anthony Camilleri (Anthony Kale) played guitar, sang in school bands, took lessons that his mum paid for, worked on several original songs that his brother Charles  wrote and entered in singing competitions at local clubs and finished top 80 on TV show X Factor. 

Also recorded a demo track in a radio competition with 101.9FOX FM major radio station in Australia.  He became Artist Of The Week were the chosen song was played on the radio and got Interviewed by Andy Grace. 

He also modelled in nightclubs and appeared in magazines before making his way to TV & Film Acting were he appeared in Neighbours Chopper Underbelly Wentworth.  He also auditioned for RUSH and got the role as a (Hitman) and also played alongside Harley Breen playing his best mate in (RECkO) in Die On Your Feet. 

Anthony also worked with several big Music Producers such as Paul Wiltshire and currently working with ex-Kylie Minogue’s producer Sam Panetta (Locomotion).  Together they produced several songs which have currently been released. 

Norfolk Dreamer was on YouTube and got recognized by Co-Founder of The Euro-Gym Geza in L.A.  He liked the song so much he wanted to use it for his Promo Campaign, but the song was not released.  So Anthony decided to release the track independently and they ended up using the second single as well In A Twist for his Promo Campaign which opened up a new audience for his music in three countries L.A, Hungary and Canada. 

‘Be Responsible’ also released reached number 1 in the U.K charts on Belter Radio – a song for all parents to Love and nurture their children.  ‘MiLLiONAiRE’ has just been released getting radio airplay in several countries. 

Your stage name is Anthony Kale, but your full name is Anthony Camilleri.  From where did you get your stage name?

I wanted something shorter and original.  My brother and I thought lets make a name out of Camilleri.  Then Cale was discovered.  My producer thought to change the C into a K to make it look stronger it.  I liked the sound and look of it.  That was it!! 

You’re Maltese, but you live in Melbourne, Australia.  Since when you left Malta and what are your Maltese roots?

Yes, I am Maltese.  Never lived and been there.  My Parents were born in Gozo.  Mother Josephine in Ghajnsielem and Dad Carmelo from Nadur have relatives currently living in Gozo.  Also our great great grandfather was a pirate and entertainer singing and playing guitar on the streets of Malta.  People used to gather around to watch – that’s were our music background must come from. 

Recently you have released your new single ‘Millionaire’ available on iTunes and most digital stores.  Can you tell my readers more about this single?

We came into the studio and created something very special for everyone here.

‘Millionaire’ was written about The World Leaders that control the world were they should lead by Love Peace & Hope, not by Power Greed & Money for themselves. 

What other singles have you launched along your music career?

The other singles are Norfolk Dreamer In A Twist…2CoolJ (remix), & Moambeta (remix) of In A Twist, Be Responsible. 

Currently you’re in the studio working with ex-Kylie Minogue’s producer on your other new track coming out later in the year. There is much more just around the corner for your fans.  Can you let us know more?

Yes, currently finishing off another song this one I started to write myself while driving back from work going home singing to myself in the car.  Producer loved the sound of it and we worked on it together. 

When you’re not singing, what do you do that gives you equal pleasure?

Spending time with my wife Annette and four year old son Koby and the beach or going into the forest walks looking at nature.  

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