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  1. Jeff Lee Lee | Los Angeles, USA says:

    Ramona – Thank you so much for this terrific interview! I have been trying to get the rest of the world to see and have a huge laugh at the So-Called Ruler of the U.S., and you have done a magnificent job with your interview. Many thanks!

  2. Gillian Attard | Sliema says:

    You are simply amazing!!! keep it up <3

  3. Monica Maartens Maartens | South Africa says:

    Lovely website, very interesting. Thank you for displaying my book Real Life AFRICAN Adventures on your site. All the very best and success with your business…👍🌈🌈🌈💖 Zararia Yul

  4. Alison Gauci | Mellieha says:

    Well done Ramona…keep up your good work. I love reading all your interviews!

  5. Paul Bonnici | Greenvale Australia says:

    Dear Ramona,I read with great interest, your wonderful interviews with various members of the public, keep up the good work.

  6. Francesco Catania | Lija says:

    Vera proset ta kollox Ramona!!! Keep it up hi!!!

  7. chantelle tonna | mosta says:

    Hi ramona,well done keep it up bella ibqa sejra hekk sweet…xxxx

  8. Gregory Spiteri | Qormi says:

    “Hi Ramona. Well done for your website and for your nice personality and good looks. I like your website and everything!

    Keep it up!


  9. Miriam Dalli | Mosta says:

    “Hey Rom

    Just had a look at your website and I have to tell you that your website rocks!!! 🙂 I like it … so much fun and interesting info about different people. Well done and keep it up xxx”

  10. jon lukas woodenman | uk says:

    “User friendly, cool, fresh and above all to the point .
    Colourful in an earthy unostentatious style.

    jon lukas woodenman”

  11. Phil Richards | Qormi says:

    “Hi Ramona,
    Interesting website, thanks for your work, i look forward to seeing more of your interviews.


  12. Stefan Galea | Iklin says:

    Wel done for your Website and interviews,

  13. Jonathan Abdilla | Swieqi says:

    “Very interesting articles, keep it up :)…
    The website has a lovely design and easy to use.”

  14. Christopher Brown | San Gwann says:

    Hi there Romona,
    Just wanna say that I’ve only read a few of your interviews but really enjoyed them. Its very a down on ground kind of approach and nice and easy to read.
    I wish you all the best and many more interesting interviews 🙂
    Cheers – Christopher

  15. Nadia Azzopardi | Xghajra says:

    Hi Ram, prosit hi tal-website. vera interessanti, keep it up

  16. Diane Buttigieg | Qawra/Msida says:

    Dear Friend…so proud of you, you are doing very well in journalism/freelance contributor….keep it this way…wish you luck and success xx

  17. joe mifsud | msida says:

    i am very proud that you are my neice. Love you to bits. Keep it up.

  18. Marisa Gelfo | Kalkara says:

    Prosit Ramona ghandek website innovativa hafna u l-intervisti tieghek dejjem insibhom interessanti.

  19. Josephine Vella | Zebbbug Malta says:

    “Hello Romana,
    I always read your interviews & always they are interested… Veryyyyyy nice… Keep it up :)”

  20. Pauline Agius | Qawra says:

    faqa sew 🙂 I’m Soooo glad that you have your own website! After reading your articles in various media, it’s so cool to finally having your own interviews all in one website! Keep up the good work..we want more juicy articles 🙂

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