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  1. Robert James Bridge Bridge | U/K says:

    Many Thanks Ramona for my latest review for The Black and White House published by avidpublishingLLC
    I was very pleased with my review.

  2. Beno Talemwa - Rwanda says:

    A global link connecting rather distant minds. I like the creative opportunity offered to authors to talk to their fellow authors and the readership fraternity. Keep-up Portelli

  3. Andrew Rowland - London says:

    Well done Ramona. It was a pleasure to be interviewed by yourself. Keep up the good work with your brilliant stories.

  4. Gene Stiles | U.S.A says:

    Thank you for your great interview with me. Fantastic job! Wonderful site for all authors and readers!

  5. Seth Sparrer | Middleburg pa says:

    Job well done on a interview she did with me! Keep on giving us more interviews – we need to know what’s going around in this world

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