Press Release:- Concert of Symphonic Music with the St Petersburg Capella Symphony Orchestra

Press Release:- Concert of Symphonic Music with the St Petersburg Capella Symphony Orchestra

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The Mediterrean Conference Centre in collaboration with the European Foundation for Support of Culture and the Capella of St Petersburg proudly presents Concerts of Symphonic Music with the St Petersburg Capella Symphony Orchestra.


The Legendary orchestra of the State Capella in St Petersburg is returning to Malta for two concerts of symphonic music. On Saturday the 15th June world famous soloists Julian Milkis

and Haik Kazazian shall join the Capella under the direction of its principal conductor and artistic director, the famous Alexander Chernushenko for a programme of light classics. Tchaikovsky, Rimsky Korsakov, Shor and the Gilliland Jazz concerto are sure to arouse the interest of countless music lovers.


Tchaikovsy and Rimsky Korsakov have done much to popularize Russian music in the west. Both have a unique Russian flavour while simultaneously forming part of the western tradition of great composers. Shor and Gilliland are gaining popularity lately. They are composers who bridge the gap between the  world of classical music with that of the more popular kind.


On Sunday the 16th June the Capella orchestra shall be playing the music of one of the great composers of the 19th Century. Without a doubt, after Wagner, Brahms is the greatest composer of the middle of the 19th century. The genius who gave new life to all the important genres of the 19 century except opera prolonged the life of the organ repertoire, chamber music , the lieder and above all the concerto and symphony. Two world class

soloists, Alexandr Rudin who is professor of cello and chamber Music at the Moscow state conservatoire  and Vladimir Pogoretskiy who is the concertmaster of the Capella, shall be joined by the Capella orchestra under the direction of Alexei Galea Cavallazzi for the great Concerto for Cello and violin. Galea Cavallazzi is the most internationally respected Maltese conductor. 


The evening shall be rounded off by the 3rd symphony.


Concert ticket price is only 10 euros, or else those attending both concerts pay only 15 euros.  More information on and for tickets call on 2559 5750.


Kuncert ta’ muzika simfonika mill-Orkestra St Petersburg Capella Symphony


Dar il-Mediterran għall-Konferenzi b’kollaborazjoni mal-"European Foundation for Support of Culture" u mal-Kapella ta’ pitroburgu bi pjaċir jippreżentaw kuncert ta’ muzika simfonika mal-orkesta sinfonika tal -Kapella ta’ Pitroburgu fir-Russja, mqassma fuq jumejn gewwa Sala repubblika , Dar Il-Mediterran ghall-konferenzi , fil-Belt Valletta.


Din l-orkestra leggendarja, ser tkun qed terga tirritorna lejn Malta sabiex ittella zewg kuncerti b’muzika simfonika.  Nhar is-Sibt, 15 ta’ Gunju s-solisti Julian Milkis u Haik Kazazian ser jinghaqdu ma’ Capella taht id-direzzjoni tal-konduttur Alexander Chernushenko ghal programm ta’ muzika klassika. Dawn huma ismijiet kbar fil Muzika klassika, ismijiet ta fama mondjali.


Bla dubju ta’ xejn Tchaikovsky, Rimsky Korsakov, Shor u l-Gilliland Jazz concerto ser ipaxxu lil kull min ser jattendi.  Tchaikovsy u Rimsky Korsakov ghamlu hafna  sabiex ikabbru l-popolarita tal-muzika Russa.  Filfatt it-tnejn li huma ghandhom stil Russu uniku u f listess hin jiffurmaw parti mit tradizzjoni Muzikali tal Occident.  Shor u Gilliland qed igawdu minn popolarita’ tajba dan l-ahhar.  Huma zewg kompozituri li ghandom sil bejn il klassiku tradizzjonali u dak aktar hafif.


Il-Hadd, 16 ta’ Gunju, l-orkestra l istess orkestra tal Capella ser tkun qed iddoqq musika ta wiehed  mill-ahjar kompozituri tas-seklu dsatax.  Bla dubju, wara Wagner, Brahms huwa l-aqwa kompozitur ta’ nofs is-seklu dsatax.  Dan il-genju irregenera il forom ewlwnin Muzikali hlief l opra. Alexandr Rudin li huwa professur tal konservatorju ta Moska  u Vladimir Pogoretskiy li huwa il prim vjolin tal orkestra tal kapella  huma zewg solisti mondjali li ser jinghaqdu wkoll mal-Orkestra  taht id-direzzjoni ta’ Alexei Galea Cavallazzi ghal kuncert kbir bic-cello u l-vjolin. Galea Cavallazzii huwa l aktar direttur orkestrali Malti rrispettat barra minn xtutna. Huwa dderiega bosta orkestri statali ta diversi pajjizi bhal Georgian sinfonietta ul Kapella ta Pitroburgu fost ohrajn. Is serata se tinghalaq bit tielet sinfonia ta’ Brahms.


Il-biljett ta’ kuncert wiehed jiswa 10 ewro biss, jew min irid jattendi ghaz-zewg kuncerti, jhallas biss 15 ewros.  Ghal aktar informazzjoni zuru u ghall-biljetti tistghu ccemplu fuq 2559 5750.

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