Blogs: Histomer - Hormone-Associated Skin Ageing

Blogs: Histomer - Hormone-Associated Skin Ageing

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Female hormones regulate a woman’s life from puberty to menopause and play a basic role in keeping the skin young: they provide for the firmness of skin tissues, the femininity and delicacy of lineaments, the proper level of nourishment and hydration, the brightness of the complexion.

Around the age of 50, the production of these hormones gradually slows down and the process of skin ageing undergoes a sudden acceleration: the skin becomes less firm and elastic, the lineaments thicken, the sebaceous secretion and the level of hydration decrease noticeably, and skin discoloration and dark spots turn up.

Fortunately, hormone-associated skin ageing is not irreversible. Thanks to an extraordinary discovery by Histo Lab Laboratories of Geneva, it is now possible to offset all the effects of hormone deficiencies on the skin associated with menopause.

Hormone deficiencies linked to menopause bring about deep changes in certain key cells of the skin: the Langerhans cells.

Located in the basal layer of the epidermis, these cells form the basic line of the skin’s defence system. Although they are present in a quite limited amount (2-4% compared to the total cells of the epidermis), their loss of efficiency is dramatic for the skin, which becomes weaker and undefended, loses its elasticity and firmness, is more easily attacked by wrinkles and dark spots.


This exceptional discover is the result of a long research carried out by the Swiss Histo lab laboratories.  The HLS-BIO® complex acts specifically on the Langerhans cells restoring their function as a protective cell shield jeopardised by the hormone changes of mature age.

The HLS-BIO® complex is a powerful synergy among 4 biologically active ingredients:

1.       A natural substance (Ectoin) obtained from a particular micro-organism.

2.       Ultra-pure biostimules of vegetable origin (Zea Mays).

3.       A special variety of marine plankton.

4.       A concentrate of channelled wrack (Pelvetia Canaliculata)

The right time for applying Histomer HLS comes when hormonal deficiencies start thickening face lines making the normal ageing process more visible.

The Histomer HLS professional treatment is recommended during and after menopause to compensate all the negative effects hormonal deficiencies have on the skin:

·         It increases skin density

·         It makes tissue more toned and elastic.

·         It reshapes facial features.

·         It eliminates skin blemishes and makes the complexion brighter.

·         It moisturises in depth.

·         It fills and smoothes wrinkles.

·         It protects against external aggressions.


With its HLS-BIO® complex, the Histomer HLS treatment regenerates the langerhans cells. As a consequence, all of the other skin cells recover their functions at best, cancelling the negative effects of hormone deficiencies:

1.       KERATINOCYTES are regenerated at a higher pace and produce plenty of moisturising factors. The skin becomes less dry and weak, the sebaceous glands return to normality. The epidermis looks smoother and more velvety.

2.       MELANOCYTES are kept under better control as to their capacity of producing melanin. The complexion becomes smoother and brighter. Skin spots gradually disappear and are no longer likely to turn up.

3.       FIBROBLASTS reactivate their production of Elastin fibres and new Collagen. The face looks more toned up and relaxed, wrinkles are less visible, the lines become more graceful and youthful.

HLS Treatments and Home Care products are exclusively available at:

 Clare’s Inner Beauty

8, St. Anne’s Str.,  Mosta

Contact: 99456878 / 21437766


Sparkle Beauty Centre

20, Church Street, St. Paul’s Bay.

Contact: 99994281


For more information please contact:

Histomer Malta



M: 79826981

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