Blogs: Histomer - Histomer Formula 201 – The New Frontiers of Chemical Peels

Blogs: Histomer - Histomer Formula 201 – The New Frontiers of Chemical Peels

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Histomer Formula 201 – The New Frontiers of Chemical Peels

1. Chemical peels used for professional treatment

Considering the extraordinary results that can be achieved , the soft version of chemical peeling (superficial chemical peeling)  is an important tool that ensures professional success, a tool the beautician cannot and must not renounce.

As a matter of fact, chemical peeling ensures results that cannot be achieved through other non-invasive methods.

Chemical peeling allows to:

·         Reduce the depth of wrinkles.

·         Erase dark spots from the face.

·         Fight skin impurities and the mildest form of juvenile acne.

·         Make the after effects of acne and dilated pores less visible.

·         Encourage penetration of certain complex active ingredients that would be inacvtive with an untreated horny layer.

2. The immediate effects of chemical peeling

·         The immediate effects produced by a chemical peel on the skin include:

·         Considerable epidermal thinning.

·         Powerful acceleration of skin regeneration processes.

·         Activation of collagen production (revitalisation and rejuvenation of the dermal layer through fibroblast stimulation and the formation of autologous collagen).

·         Transient stimulation of superficial blood perfusion.

·         Transient irritation of sensory nerve endings that convery a tingling sensation and warmth.

3. From Glycolic Acid to Mandelic Acid – the new frontiers of chemical peels.

Finally, today the Beautician has at her disposal the new generation chemical peel, Mandelic Acid – Formula 201 Peel, studied by Histomer only for use in Beauty Salons.

Mandelic Acid – Formula 201 Peel is the best response to the market’s demand for innovation today in all sectors, even in the field of professional cosmetic treatment.

Mandelic Acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid contained in almonds (hence the name) that presents some benefits, compared to Glycolic Acid:

·         a mandelic peel is less aggressive than a glycolic peel;

·         a mandelic peel causes milder tingling sensation and less discomfort that is more bearable than a glycolic peel;

·         a mandelic peel imporves superficial blood circulation more than a glycolic peel;

·         a mandelic peel causes skin surface reddening to appear earlier but it also clears before the time required for the effect of a glycolic peel to clear (reddening is a useful sign to be promptly exploited to initialise the neutralisation phase);

·         a Mandelic Acid peel can be used in all seasons (as long as the skin submitted to peeling is constantly protected against the sun with products that have SPF 15 or higher);

·         combining small amounts of Glycolic Acid and Mandelic Acid yields an important synergic effect without losing tolerability;

·         Mandelic Acid, unlike Glycolic Acid, has a significant antibacterial action taht makes it a precious ally to treat light forms of Acne and Seborrhoeic Dermatitis.

4. Histomer Formula 201 Mandelic Peel

It is the result of long and extensive research conducted by Histomer on Mandelic Acid and its combination with Stem Cells.

Mandelic Peel Formula 201 is effective because it contains Mandelic Acid in the form of free acid strengthened by small amounts of Gluconolactone and Glycolic Acid.

Mandelic Peel Formula 201 is well tolerated because it gradually makes Mandelic Acid available on the skin by combining it with an amphoteric complex made of 3 special amino acids, namely Carnitine, Betaine and Arginine.

5. Histomer Formula 201 Treatments and Products

Professional  Treatments: Rejuvenating and Whitening

The Formula 201 professional programs are carried out in Histomer beauty salons and increasingly by highly qualified staff.

During the treatments the first objective is to produce a complete exfoliation of the upper layers of the skin, which will immediately be followed by a deep skin regeneration that can act at the root of major skin problems.

Imperfections also very evident such as wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin, dark spots and uneven skin tones are reduced effectively thanks to the revolutionary combination of special active ingredients: illuminating the complexion, lightening of patches of different origin, stretching and filling of wrinkles.

The skin is completely regenerated and reborn more beautiful than ever without the initial imperfections

Home Care Treatment:

To consolidate the extraordinary results obtained by your aesthetician, Histomer has thought of a number of specific products that you can use at your home as Beauty routine.

These products not only amplify the effects of the treatments Whitening and Rejuvenating Formula 201, but will also help you to effectively solve some problems localized to specific areas of the face: around the eyes, lips, forehead.

Although there maybe salons who have been using other AHA peels and also Mandelic Acid peels, Formula 201 distinguishes itself for the following reasons:
  • Formula 201 is not just a Mandelic Acid Peel (AHA - selected for their capacity to stimulate cell renewal) like all others, it is coupled with Stem Cells (for a complete and real regeneration of the skin cells).
  • Formula 201contains also other important and exclusive ingredients such as Argirelifting (for stretching and filling of expression lines) and ODA-C complex (to brighten the complexion and lighten dark spots of various origin and nature)
  • The safety of our protocols (the client will leave the center without any reddening, any annoying reaction)
  • Mandelic peel in formula 201 is just a starting point for three different actions: whitening, rejuvenating, face freshening.

We invite all Beauty Professionals for a Formula 201 demonstration offered by our professional beautician Clare Agius @ Inner Beauty Concept, Mosta.

More information on

Further information or personal requirements are welcome at Histomer Malta by contacting:-

Mr Joseph Galea
Histomer Malta

M: +356 79826981

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