Blogs: Histomer - Take Better Care of Your Beauty

Blogs: Histomer - Take Better Care of Your Beauty

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Interview with Dr Vittorio Bortolin

Dr. Vittorio Bortolin, a highly educated and creative chemist cosmetologist and pharmacist, founded the company Valetudo in 1982, with the mission of developing and manufacturing cosmetics with an extremely high-tech profile. In this interview with our blog, he presents his company, in which he holds the position of technical manager in addition to being the owner. 

Dr Bortolin, what is Valetudo’s current field of operation, with particular reference to research and development? 

Thanks to the success of its original and innovative products - the result of high calibre, consolidated know-how concerning formulas and production, and a quality-based work method - Valetudo has grown considerably through the years. Today, it includes several divisions that design and produce cosmetics with extremely high scientific and qualitative standards, on the same level with pharmaceuticals, both under its own brand and for third parties. This latter business absorbs approximately 50% of our production capacity, and is constantly growing both domestically and on the international market. The company’s growth and evolution, supported by significant investments, has also caused us to enlarge and renew our organisational structure, which now consists of a team of qualified, highly skilled and motivated professionals who collaborate with me in positions of responsibility also regarding more specific functions in the managerial, technical and sales fields. I believe that one of the factors contributing to the company’s success, also in relation to future opportunities, is exactly the added value produced by a positive working environment in which all collaborators are and feel involved, realising their potential and positively contributing, in relation to their specific tasks, to the attainment of ever increasing quality and productivity levels. 

How is a successful product created? 

The most important ingredients of a formula’s success are the formulator’s awareness of market needs and expectations, and his/her ability to make the best possible use of scientific progress. A cosmetic product is not a drug. It’s something conceptually more elaborate that has to meet the buyer’s most diverse needs, even those that are not well defined, and provide physical and psychological gratification. Not only must the product be technically unexceptionable in relation to its effectiveness, safety and pleasantness, but - looking beyond the formula - it must also be perfect from all other points of view: packaging, product concept, image and the emotion it arouses in the consumer even before buying and using it. Finally, we shouldn’t forget that the financial aspect is also crucial for a product’s success. Creating a successful product means being able to reconcile the features I have just mentioned with costs that make the product affordable and competitive. All this is an additional challenge, and requires a path that takes several steps before getting to the final formula.

The constant scientific updating, the entrepreneurial responsiveness, and the flexibility of the company’s resources, along with the unchanged pursuit of quality and professional competence, enable Valetudo to successfully compete also with leading multinational companies in the field of cosmetics. 

Which is the main result of your cosmetology research? 

This is not an easy question. We have had many successful products and ingredients in these past 25 years. But the research we feel has been most rewarding is certainly that on stem cells of botanical origin (histomer cells). One of our must successful lines, the Histomer line, is based on this research.   

Tell us how this research was performed... 

Everything originated from an idea I had in 1988,  when people began to talk about the results that could be obtained in the field of medical treatment through stem cells of human origin. We decided to focus our studies on stem cells of botanical origin (histomer cells) and started a study in collaboration with a Swiss company, the Geneva-based Histo-lab laboratories, which are specialised in this sector.

In 1992, finally, we succeeded in defining a biotechnological process enabling us to grow histomer cells on an artificial culture medium in sufficient amounts for applications in the field of cosmetics.

The enclosed file shows a diagram of this process.

In 1993, we launched the first products with the Histomer brand:  2 face treatment lines, namely the Wrinkle-Formula line and the Lightening Formula line.

Today, there are almost 100 Histomer products, which are sold all over the world. 

Which properties do histomer cells add to products? 

Botanical stem cells have a virtually boundless regeneration action. They are extremely rich in active principles with revitalizing and renewing effects, and are therefore particularly effective on several of the skin’s anomalies and/or blemishes. Their enormous vitality (they are able to split into a great, virtually endless number of daughter cells) opens unconceivable prospects in the field of skin tissue regeneration.

Cosmetic and dermatologic products that contain botanical stem cells not only make the skin younger and healthier, but also much more responsive to the different traditional active principles.

Are there any other cosmetic products today on the market, besides your Histomer line, which contain botanical stem cells? 

The high scientific value of our research spurred several other laboratories to follow our lead. On one hand, this makes us proud, because being copied is always an indication of success. On the other hand, though, we need to protect our priority, and therefore we claim our full right to publicise the fact that Histomer was the first line in the whole world entirely based on botanical stem cells: all Histomer products contain the unique and genuine Histomer stem cells.

The expertise and know-how we have developed in our 20 years of research on these cells and their cosmetic applications simply cannot be found among our competitors.

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