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Tbilisi contemporary Ballet Workshop results

The Mediterranean Conference Centre has been very active in improving standards of symphonic and Chamber music in the last few years.  It has also actively supported Maltese performers and composers through its various cultural events which include dance as well as music.

The “Georgain Culture Days “in Malta is an ambitious project in collaboration with the top institutions in their respective fields in Georgia.  These are the Tbilisi State Chamber orchestra which has performed in Malta a number of times and the Giorgi Aleksidze Tbilisi Contemporary Ballet. The project is also being supported by the Ministry of Education, Science Culture and sport of Georgia and Tbilisi City Hall.  The Tbilisi State Chamber Orchestra is one of the most prestigious orchestras in the world.  It is not only one of the top baroque orchestras which is the backbone of the Tbilisi Baroque Festival, but is equally active in all the music of the repertoire for chamber orchestra. The orchestra is also active in opera. They tour Europe and Georgia regularly.

The Georgian culture days in Malta not only showcase the best of Georgian culture, but incorporate contemporary dance and music from baroque, classical, 20 and 21st centuries thus giving a detailed and varied cross section of music for small orchestra. 

Lately, Artistic Director at the Tbilisi contemporary Ballet – Mariam Aleksidze held auditions with David Maziashvili, the managing director of the Company.  These auditions were open to all those companies and schools who took part in the dance showcase at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in 2017 and 2018.

Raphael Pimiento, Ben Spiteri and Rosario Raineri have been chosen to participate in prestigious events in Georgia and Malta.Rafael and Rosario are members of THE YADA DANCE COMPANY while Ben Spiteri represents the Bridgitte Gauci Borda Dance school.

Dancer Raphael would have the opportunity to visit Tbilisi, deepen his experience with the Giorgi Aleksidze contemporary dance company company, have rehearsals with the company teachers and Mariam and then travel to Malta with the company to participate in the company’s performance “Early Dances” on the 20th March.  Ben and Rosario will be invited to participate in Giorgi Aleksidze Tbilisi Contemporary Ballet’s project Choreo Lab 2020, which takes place from 8 to 15 June 2020 in Tbilisi and which is led by invited choreographer Jochen Heckmann.  The project will be supported by “Goethe-Institut Georgien”.  In Choreo Lab 2020, Maltese dancer – Ben Spiteri will participate as a dancer and Rosario as a choreographer.

All Georgian Culture Days in Malta events will be held on 20, 21 and 24th March.  All events start at 19.30.  Tickets can be booked by phoning 2559 5750 or by online booking www.mcc.com.mt

The events shall be concucted by Alexei Galea Cavallazzi who is the music director of MCC and a conductor with an international career.

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